Danny Meehan
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Danny Meehan (Character)
from Mean Machine (2001)

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Mean Machine (2001)
[Watching the monk practice karate]
Doc: Apparently he killed 23 men with his bare hands.
Danny Meehan: Maybe I should take up karate.
Doc: That was before he took up karate.

Doc: Come on where's your manners Danny what would your old mum say?
Danny Meehan: [smiles] Fuck me!
Doc: Wish I met her.

Massive: If you want any of life's little luxuries - chocolate, toothpaste, soft toilet paper - Massive is your man!
Danny Meehan: Massive?
Massive: It's ironic!

Hayter: I wouldn't get too close, Miss.
Tracey: Why? You're not dangerous, are you, Mr. Footballer?
Danny Meehan: Only if you've got the ball, Miss.

Danny Meehan: I'll tell you something, I didn't start off out as a youngster looking to sell my country out.
Massive: None of us planned to be here, mate.
Chiv: But you're forgetting one thing. You're a hero in Scotland.

Danny Meehan: Oh right lads, you wanna be nothing, prisoners... numbers... that's fine. But you win out there today and you'll have something to remember forever, talk about it over and over, because up and down the country there are cons that are pig sick of not being here in your shoes... just to have one crack at those bastards next door!
Danny Meehan: Run your guts out, and you'll have somethin' in 'ere
[points towards heart]
Danny Meehan: they can never touch, guards and nutcase governors... NOW... ask yourselves one question... ARE YOU READY?
[Team replies light-heartedly]
Danny Meehan: ...YEAH! ARE WE?
[Team replies Whole heartedly]
Danny Meehan: ...YEAH! THEN COME ON!

[after Ketch quite deliberately trods on Ratchett's knee]
Danny Meehan: Right, Ketch, just be subtle.
Ketch: Which one's he, then?

[as the team starts to rise]
Danny Meehan: Hold up for Mr. Sykes.
[they resume their seats]
Sykes: Doc... was a different generation. And he saved all his life. And before he died, he had me sort out these.
[He places a box on the floor, tears it open, and lifts out a black "Mean Machine" uniform jersey. The team cheers]

[standing at Doc's grave, after Doc was killed by a bomb]
Danny Meehan: I reckon you're quits now, old man.