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Sean Kelly (Character)
from "Scrubs" (2001)

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"Scrubs: My Choosiest Choice of All (#3.19)" (2004)
J.D.: [Sean and Elliot are kissing. J.D. watches them miserably, until Sean notices him staring] You've got something on your face.
Sean Kelly: [Breaks the kiss and wipes at his face] What?
J.D.: [In thought] The love of my life.
[Out loud]
J.D.: You got it.

"Scrubs: My Way or the Highway (#1.20)" (2002)
Sean Kelly: [after Eliot kisses him passionately] Wow, you're like the best doctor ever.

"Scrubs: My Fault (#3.20)" (2004)
Sean Kelly: It's just, it's so hard to make myself look for an apartment when I'm sharing my bed with the most beautiful girl in the world.
J.D.: Really? What's his name?
J.D.: [Thinking] That made absolutely no sense, so just keep sipping.

"Scrubs: His Story II (#3.18)" (2004)
Elliot: [on the phone] I can't believe you've been in New Zealand for 5 months.
Sean Kelly: I... I can't believe you still haven't figured out the time difference; it's 4am here.