Billy Callahan
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Billy Callahan (Character)
from "Scrubs" (2001)

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"Scrubs: My Lucky Charm (#4.14)" (2005)
Billy Callahan: [to J.D. and Turk] You're a gorgeous couple.

Billy Callahan: I'm supposed to be in Florence by midnight.
Turk: How the hell are you going to do that?
Billy Callahan: Her apartment is two blocks away. Should be no problem at all.

Billy Callahan: Lads, you'll sleep enough when you're dead and buried. You have to get out on the streets. You have to talk to a stranger. Drink a beer for breakfast. Take the ugliest girl home from the party.
J.D.: Done it! Done that... that one I've done.

Billy Callahan: How you doing?
Jerry: Not great, actually. I'm dead.
Billy Callahan: Bummer. How long?
Jerry: Four years next month.
Billy Callahan: Geez, that's a nightmare. I was dead once, for about ten minutes. Then me mate Danny peed on me head.
Jerry: Really?
Billy Callahan: It's quite a sight to wake up to.

J.D.: Hey that is a cool tattoo, my brother!
Billy Callahan: Oh yeah! Got this snuck on a plane, thought I was going to Belgium ended up in Kenya. Long story short, I hung out with this tribe, where the males go through adolescance, they get this tattoo. It means "Alias".
J.D.: Oh, why Alias?
Billy Callahan: It's their favorite show.
J.D., Turk: Ohhhhh.
Billy Callahan: I'm only kidding, I don't know what it means.

Turk: Come on, Billy, just say it.
Billy Callahan: For the last time, lads... no.
J.D.: Oh well, perhaps you're not really Irish...
Billy Callahan: Fine! Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers.
J.D.: See? I told ya! Yeah, he's Irish.
Turk: Yeah, he is. Yeah, he is.