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The Jackal (Character)
from The Jackal (1997)

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The Day of the Jackal (1973)
Col. Rodin: Will you do it?
The Jackal: Yes.
Montclair: How much?
The Jackal: You must understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime job, whoever does it can never work again...
Montclair: How much do you want?
The Jackal: Half a million.
Montclair: What?
The Jackal: In cash. Half in advance, half on completion.
Montclair: Half a million francs?
The Jackal: Dollars.
Montclair: [standing up] Are you mad?
The Jackal: Considering you expect to get France in return, I'd have thought it a reasonable price. If you can't manage it, then there's nothing more to be said.
[turns to leave]
Col. Rodin: We accept!

Col. Rodin: We are not terrorists, you understand. We are patriots. Our duty is to the soldiers who died fighting in Algeria, and to the three million French citizens who have always lived there.
The Jackal: And so you want to get rid of him.
Col. Rodin: Speaking as a professional, do you think it's possible?
The Jackal: It's possible. The point is getting away with it. And speaking as a professional, that's a very important consideration.
Montclair: But in principle you say it could be done?
The Jackal: Yes, with enough time and planning. It would be more difficult than most other targets.
Casson: Why more?
The Jackal: Because de Gaulle has the best security service in the world. Their information is first-class. You see, gentlemen, not only have your own efforts failed, but you've rather queered the pitch for everyone else.
Casson: How dare you suggest that!
The Jackal: In this work, you simply can't afford to be emotional. That's why you've made so many mistakes.
Col. Rodin: But if we decided to employ a professional...
The Jackal: You have to employ a professional. Your organization is so riddled with informers that nothing you decide is a secret for long. No, the job would have to be done by an outsider. The only question would be by whom, and for how much.

The Gunsmith: Over what range will you fire?
The Jackal: I'm not sure yet but probably not more than 400 feet
The Gunsmith: Will the gentleman be moving?
The Jackal: Stationary.
The Gunsmith: Will you go for a head shot or a chest shot?
The Jackal: Probably head.
The Gunsmith: What about the chance of a second shot?
The Jackal: Well I might get the chance but I doubt it. In any event I'll need a silencer to escape.
The Gunsmith: In that case you'd better have explosive bullets. I can prepare a handful along with the gun.
The Jackal: Glycerin or mercury?
The Gunsmith: Oh mercury... much cleaner.

The Jackal: What about the French documents?
The Forger: French identity card's all right. The other one, I don't think I've ever seen what they look like, let alone copy it. I'll have to get a colleague of mine in France to pick someone's pocket so I can make a duplicate. It'll mean more time, more money...
The Jackal: How much more?
The Forger: Five hundred... three hundred pounds?
The Jackal: Half now, half on delivery.
The Forger: When will I hear from you?
The Jackal: I'll be returning to Genoa on August the 14th. Be in the same place we met tonight at six o'clock.
[pays the Forger]
The Forger: Must be a big job you've got on, eh?
The Jackal: Now there are certain things I wish to make clear: when you've finished the work, you will hand over all the negatives and all the prints of the photographs you've just taken. You will also forget the name of Duggan, and the name on the French documents you are going to produce. Is that understood?

The Jackal: Boring, aren't they, the magazines?
Colette de Montpelier: I find them fascinating.
The Jackal: What? Articles about pig breeding and combine harvesters?
Colette de Montpelier: I'm enthralled by combine harvesters. In fact, I yearn to have one as a pet.

Colette de Montpelier: No, of course I don't live in the Alps. I went there for a visit, that's all.
The Jackal: Climbing?
Colette de Montpelier: Good Lord, no. I spent a day at the Cadet Academy in Barcelonette amongst a lot of jaundiced military types, watching my son receive his commission.
The Jackal: [surprised] Oh...
Colette de Montpelier: He's nineteen.
The Jackal: I never know when you're being serious.
Colette de Montpelier: It's true, unfortunately.
The Jackal: Why "unfortunately"? I see nothing unfortunate in...
Colette de Montpelier: I'm not begging for compliments, Mr. Duggan.

Colette de Montpelier: Why did you come?
The Jackal: To see you. I had to.
Colette de Montpelier: But why?
The Jackal: Does it matter?

Colette de Montpelier: Paul... the police were here yesterday looking for you.
The Jackal: Did they say they were coming back?
Colette de Montpelier: No, only that I should phone if...
Colette de Montpelier: Paul, I know you stole that car. It has a local license plate. I know it must be very serious. I don't mind. You can tell me what you've done. You can stay here, it's safe. But you must tell me, Paul. I won't say anything...

[the Jackal collects his forged documents and sorts through them]
The Forger: What? It's all there. The Duggan driver's license and the French identity card were easy enough, but whoo, that third card was a big headache! It's nicely dog-eared, isn't it?
The Jackal: Haven't you forgotten something?
The Forger: Sorry?
The Jackal: The original driver's license, the one I said I wanted back.
The Forger: [crafty smile] I thought we might have a little chat about that. The fact is, you see, the original driver's license is not here. But don't worry, it's put away in a very safe place...
[holds up a set of keys]
The Forger: Nobody can get it, but me.
The Jackal: Well, what do you want?
The Forger: I'm coming to that. What I propose is simply a little trade: I give you the original driving license and all those negatives I took of you, for a certain sum of money.
The Jackal: How much?
The Forger: A thousand pounds. It's worth that, wouldn't you say, to get those documents back?
The Jackal: Yes, I suppose so.
The Forger: [pleased] An English gentleman can always be trusted to see sense!
The Jackal: I can find the first five hundred by tomorrow, but on the condition we don't meet in this place.
The Forger: There's nothing wrong with this place. It's very quiet, and very private.
The Jackal: There's everything wrong with this place as far as I'M concerned!
The Forger: Forget about that, no one comes here unless they're invited by me! One has to be discreet, you know, in my little sideline.
[chuckles. The Jackal laughs with him, and then chops his neck]

The Jackal: How many know about this?
Col. Rodin: Just the four of us.
The Jackal: Let's keep it that way. This job depends on absolute secrecy. No notes must be kept. If any one of you is captured, I shall feel free to call it off. I suggest you go somewhere secure and remain there under guard until the job is done. Agreed?
Col. Rodin: Agreed.
The Jackal: [writes on a piece of paper] The planning will be mine. Here is the account number of my bank in Switzerland. When I've received confirmation that the first $250,000 has been deposited, I'll move, provided I'm ready. But I shall not be hurried or interfered with in any way.
Col. Rodin: [passes the paper to Montclair] Agreed.
The Jackal: All I shall want from you is a number that I can ring in Paris for information about De Gaulle's schedule and security arrangements.
Montclair: I'd like to know where you expect us to find half a million dollars so quickly.
The Jackal: Use your network to rob some banks.

Col. Rodin: One last thing. What codename will you use?
The Jackal: Why not the Jackal?
Col. Rodin: Why not?

Col. Rodin: There's nothing more you want from us. From now on you'll be working completely alone.
The Jackal: Not completely. One will have the cooperation of de Gaulle.
[the OAS members look astonished]
The Jackal: Well, he won't listen to his secret service and he's not the sort of man to stay out of the public eye.

The Jackal: [disguised as Per Lundquist] Goodbye, Mr. Duggan.
[heaves a suitcase with his clothes and false papers off a bridge]

The Jackal (1997)
[the Jackal shoots and blows Lamont's arm off]
The Jackal: [referring to the aim of the gun] I told you it was off!

Douglas: [Douglas is skeptical about giving his business card out] You're not gonna call.
The Jackal: [flirtatiously] Douglas. You just have to have a little faith in people, that's all. Like I do.
[kisses him passionately]

[the Jackal has shot Koslova]
The Jackal: Ooh, that's bad. The blood's almost black, that means the bullet's in your liver. You have about 20 minutes to live. If the pain gets to be too much, you can take your hand away. Then you'll be dead in 5 minutes.
Valentina Koslova: When Declan kills you, you think of me, OK.
The Jackal: OK. I'll make a note of that.
[grabs her head]
The Jackal: If you see Declan before you die, you tell him that he can't protect his women.

[after finding out the the gun sights are off by 3 mm, but the auto-tracking is perfect]
The Jackal: Well, Lamont. I'm gonna have to speed-test it now.
Ian Lamont: Yes. Yes. Speed-test.
The Jackal: So... run.
Ian Lamont: [chuckles] What do you mean?
The Jackal: I mean run.
The Jackal: [icily] Now!

Ian Lamont: Motherfucker, motherfucker. *That motherfucker is state of the art!* Dude, I knew it was going to be big. I didn't know it was going to be the fuckin' prototype cannon. It's a fuckin' motrol... Damn! Some hairy looking rounds.
The Jackal: Made from depleted uranium. Go through anything. Once they get inside they just spall.
Ian Lamont: Hell yeah. They spall yeah. They get in there and they just.
[imitates spalling noise]
Ian Lamont: That rocks. Look at the friggin' lens on that thing...
The Jackal: Don't touch that!
Ian Lamont: It's got like a 2000 mile zoom lens! That thing is kick ass. Dude is this thing a prototype, or what? I bet you it cost you a shitload. That rocks. Man, you rock. Do you know what I'm saying? ROCK! Fuckin' thing kicks ass.
[crosshairs appear on the computer screen]
Ian Lamont: Oh, yeah. Bring on the *spall*, baby. I can't wait to see the shit...
The Jackal: LAMONT!
[quietly but menacingly]
The Jackal: Close your mouth!

The Assignment (1997)
Carlos the Jackal: Who are you?
Annibal Ramirez: I'm you, motherfucker.

Carlos the Jackal: That woman was so much in love with me that if I asked her to suck my uncle's dick she would do it! Smiling!