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Raquel Martinez (Character)
from A Perfect Murder (1998)

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A Perfect Murder (1998)
Emily: [while staying over at Raquel's apartment] let me ask you a question: what do you think Steven would do if he found out about David?
Raquel: I mean screwing around is second oldest reason to kill someone.
Emily: Oh really, and what would be the first?
Raquel: [raises a glass] Money, honey!

Raquel: [while staying over at Raquel's apartment] Steven's already rich and you with your money you must've had a prenup, tell me you had a prenup?
Emily: He offered. I said no.
Raquel: So if you die he gets like a hundred million bucks?
Emily: Something like that.
Raquel: Lucky guy.

Raquel Martinez: [in a bar] This is crazy I don't understand I'm your best friend, right? Half the year goes by and you don't say one thing, do you love him? Are you going to leave Stephen? So, talk to me.
Emily: I will, if you shut up for one second.
Raquel Martinez: Alright I'm waiting.
Emily: I didn't tell you because you adore Steven, you cried at our wedding for God's sake.
Raquel Martinez: I cry at every wedding.
Emily: No, you don't, you like the "idea" of us, everybody does, but you have no idea who he really is.
Raquel Martinez: Steven, I know Steven.
Emily: No, you don't, you don't know that every single thing has to be on his terms, you don't know that he no real interest in who I am.
Raquel Martinez: What are you going to do?
Emily: I don't know, I'm going to figure out a way to tell him, he deserves that.
Raquel Martinez: What makes you think he doesn't know?
Emily: There's no way, you know he knows that something's not right, but that's it.