Emily Bradford Taylor
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Emily Bradford Taylor (Character)
from A Perfect Murder (1998)

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A Perfect Murder (1998)
Emily: We'll work it out? Let me tell you something, you work it out on your fucking own! This is over!
Steven: You're not leaving me, the only way you leave me is dead!

Steven: When you wake up tomorrow, all this will seem like a bad dream.
Emily: What if there is no tomorrow?
Steven: [kisses her forehead] you know better than that

Emily: That's not happiness to see me is it?
Steven: try surprised.

Emily: let me ask you a question: what do you think Steven would do if he found out about David?
Raquel: I mean screwing around is second oldest reason to kill someone.
Emily: Oh really, and what would be the first?
Raquel: [raises a glass] Money, honey!

[first lines]
Steven: There you are. And how was your day? Any progress in saving the world?
Emily: I'm working on it.

[last lines]
[after listening to the tape of the murder plan]
Emily: [crying] He... he said he was going to kill me. So I tried to run.
Mohamed Karaman: And then he attacks you?
Emily: Yes.
Mohamed Karaman: What else could you do?
[Emily looks at Karaman with gratitude]
Mohamed Karaman: [In Arabic] May God be with you.
Emily: And you as well.

Emily: He must have put it back on his way in, didn't plan on that did you?
Steven: Young David he was... he was very unpredictable.

Harrington: Mrs. Taylor, passing this kind of information, even to a spouse, is unethical.
Emily: I understand.
Harrington: Your husband has been buying U.S. and foreign bonds on margin and using those securities as collateral, that's illegal, in fact his company has been under investigation for almost a year, some months ago, U.S. interest rates started moving against him, he should've gotten some horrific margin calls but the banks he's in bed with have been hiding the losses hoping that things will turn around, it isn't happening, sooner or later those margin calls will come and when they do, your husband will be wiped out.

Raquel: Steven's already rich and you with your money you must've had a prenup, tell me you had a prenup?
Emily: He offered I said no
Raquel: So if you die he gets like a hundred million bucks?
Emily: Something like that
Raquel: Lucky guy

Emily: But why did you put his key on my key chain?
Steven: David threatened violence from the very beginning so when I saw the body lying in the kitchen I'm sure it was him none of the doors have been forced open so I assumed he had your key
Emily: But when? I had just used it to come that evening
Steven: Are you sure? He used your key? Because if memory serves me right the door was wide open I saw you walk in
Emily: Maybe
Steven: In which case he could've taken your key the day before, did you see him the day before?
Emily: Yes
Steven: So I went through his pockets and found what I thought was your key and I reacted I grabbed a screwdriver and jimmied the door and put back in his pocket and took what I thought was your key and put it on your keychain I am so sorry for having to put you through this it was the only thing I could do
Emily: Can you ever forgive me?
Steven: I already have
Emily: We have to go to the police
Steven: I don't think this is the time for brutal honesty I've tampered evidence in a homicide I paid off a blackmail I'm in way over my head and so are you, David can say anything he wants he could say I hired him to kill you or he could say he blackmailed us the happily married wealthy couple in which case it appeared we killed that poor bastard thinking it was David all depends how he wants to play it
Emily: What about the man that I killed?
Steven: You think that has anything to do with David?
Emily: It must
Steven: Do you have any idea how many burglaries are committed each day in this city? I don't think so
Emily: What are we going to do now?
Steven: We're going to have to disentangle ourselves from your artist friend is there anything in his loft that can link David to you and I?
Emily: My ring
Steven: I thought you said it was being repaired?
Emily: That was a lie I left it by the bed
Steven: Is there anything else?
Emily: Isn't that enough?
Steven: I'll get it

Emily: The key to the dead man's apartment was on my key chain, someone put it there after I killed him and there's only one person in the world that could've done that
Steven: me
Emily: Why?
Steven: To protect you
Emily: From what?
Steven: [Steven shows Emily of pictures her and David kissing] Your lover, unless somebody else sent me these pictures, he called me here at the office two months ago, bragged about how hard you fell for him, he shelled out a hundred thousand dollars but he wants more
Emily: For what?
Steven: Breaking it off
Emily: I don't believe you
Steven: Did he mention Belize? That's where he took all the other ones, This guy was quite the aphrodisiac with lowly limited means he learned to paint in a state prison not at Berkley I don't know where we go from here Emily I don't know if "we" is an option I do know I have done everything in my power to protect you from this career criminal you let crawl into our bed
Emily: Why didn't you tell me?
Steven: Because I was sure you were in love with him, were you?
Emily: I thought I was I can't even imagine what I put you through, is this why your business is in trouble? Banks and margin calls?
Steven: How did you know?
Emily: Its true isn't it?
Steven: Yes it's true but I can always make money that's the fun part, there's a god damn sea of it out there but there's only one of you

Mohamed Karaman: To what do I owe the pleasure?
Emily: I have some information about my husband
Mohamed Karaman: Concerning?
Emily: It seems he was in serious financial trouble and he was hiding it from me and I thought that might be a possible reason for him to...
Mohamed Karaman: Hire someone to kill you
Emily: Yes
Mohamed Karaman: We considered him a suspect until we traced a cell phone call he made the night you were attacked the trace led us to an automated quote system in his office, it lasted five minutes before ten to nine minutes after ten that has to be one of more cleaner alibis we've come across