Esme Hoggett
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Esme Hoggett (Character)
from Babe (1995)

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Babe (1995)
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Are you doing him tonight then?
Farmer Hoggett: Mmm.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Good. The blood'll drain by morning.
Farmer Hoggett: Pity...
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: What's that?
Farmer Hoggett: Nothing.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: What on Earth are you babbling on about?
Farmer Hoggett: ...Shame, to miss out on the best ham prize at next year's fair, is all. Nice plump haunches he's getting... Beautiful. Still... silly to wait, I suppose.
[Esme stares at him]

Son-in-Law: Hey, hey, Dad says his little porker's a watchpig.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Dearie me! If it's not a duck that thinks it's a rooster, it's a pig that thinks it's a dog!
[everyone laughs as Rex grows jealous]
Son-in-Law: 'A pig that thinks it's a dog'!

Country Woman: [hearing on TV that A. Hoggett and his entry Pig about to perform on the sheepdog trial] Is that Hoggett?
Country Woman: I think it was.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Huh?
Valda: He said Hoggett. It was clear as a bell.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Well, must be another Hoggett. We only have the two dogs and they certainly... aren't...
[the country women stare at Esme who then rolls her eyes in exasperation]

Mrs. Esme Hoggett: [Esme wakes up and smacks Arthur] Hoggett dear! Church!

The Hoggetts' granddaughter: [opens her present to reveal the beautiful dollhouse Mr. Hoggett made; begins crying] Wwwwaaaaaahh!
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Oh, what's wrong, dear?
The Hoggetts' granddaughter: [sobs] It's the wrong one. I WANT THE HOUSE I SAW ON THE TELEVISION!
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: [consoles her] Oh, there, there.