Farmer Arthur Hoggett
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Farmer Arthur Hoggett (Character)
from Babe (1995)

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Babe (1995)
[last lines]
Narrator: And though every single human in the stands or in the commentary boxes was at a complete loss for words, the man who in his life had uttered fewer words than any of them knew exactly what to say.
Farmer Hoggett: That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Are you doing him tonight then?
Farmer Hoggett: Mmm.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Good. The blood'll drain by morning.
Farmer Hoggett: Pity...
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: What's that?
Farmer Hoggett: Nothing.
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: What on Earth are you babbling on about?
Farmer Hoggett: ...Shame, to miss out on the best ham prize at next year's fair, is all. Nice plump haunches he's getting... Beautiful. Still... silly to wait, I suppose.
[Esme stares at him]

[repeated line]
Farmer Hoggett: That'll do, pig.

[repeated line]
Farmer Hoggett: Come, Pig.

[repeated line]
Farmer Hoggett: Away to me, Pig.

Babe: Pig in the City (1998)
Farmer Hoggett: That'll do, pig. That'll do.