Heather Holloway
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Heather Holloway (Character)
from Thank You for Smoking (2005)

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Thank You for Smoking (2005)
Heather Holloway: My other interviews have pinned you as a mass murderer, blood sucker, pimp, profiteer and my personal favorite, yuppie Mephistopheles.

[Nick and Heather are introducing themselves to each other]
Heather Holloway: Heather Holloway.
Nick Naylor: Nick Naylor. Big Tobacco.
Heather Holloway: [holds up tape recorder] Is this kosher?
Nick Naylor: Only if I can call you Heather.
Heather Holloway: By all means. So, Mr. Naylor...
Nick Naylor: [interrupting] Nick.
Heather Holloway: Nick. Let's start with...
Nick Naylor: '82 Margaux.
Heather Holloway: Okay. Is it good?
Nick Naylor: "Good"? It'll make you believe in God.

Heather Holloway: This is Nick Naylor telling you kids, don't do drugs, smoke cigarettes
Nick Naylor: That's really great, its like looking in the mirror
Heather Holloway: New idea, cigarettes for the homeless, we'll call them hobos
Nick Naylor: Hahaha, uh that's awful
Heather Holloway: Any better than sector sixes
Nick Naylor: right
Heather Holloway: Oh my God Nick, you are on TV
Nick Naylor: Lobbyist on the lookout. You gotta be kidding me
Heather Holloway: I wanna fuck you while I watch you on TV
Nick Naylor: And they call me sick
Heather Holloway: Hurry before your segment ends
Nick Naylor: Alright