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Quotes for
Shelton (Character)
from Child's Play 3 (1991)

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Child's Play 3 (1991)
Shelton: Relax, Barclay, it's only paint.

DeSilva: [whispers] Asshole.
Shelton: What was that DeSilva?
DeSilva: I said you asshole, sir.

Shelton: Who said you could look at me? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
Andy Barclay: Shelton.
Shelton: That's Lieutenant Colonel Shelton to you, asshole.
Andy Barclay: Lt. Colonel Shelton.
Shelton: No, Lieutenant Colonel Shelton, SIR.

Shelton: Whitehearst, you are without a doubt the sorriest excuse for a cadet I've ever seen. Wouldn't you agree?
Whitehearst: No, Sir. I do not agree, Sir.
Shelton: Are you contradicting me, you sorry-ass sack of shit?

Shelton: [to Whitehurst] You are without a doubt the most pathetic thing I've ever seen!

Chucky: [whispers] Andy!
[Andy notices him, backs up and sit down on Shelton's bed, he wakes up]
Shelton: What the fuck?
[pushes him, Andy notices that Chucky runs away]
Andy Barclay: No, stop!
Shelton: What the fuck you're doing in my room, Barclay?
[Looks for Chucky doll, vanished, turns back to Andy]
Andy Barclay: You wouldn't believe me!
Shelton: Where's the doll, Barclay? Where's the FUCKING doll? You took it, didn't you?
Andy Barclay: NO!

Shelton: [laughs] What's the matter, Barclay? Huh? You homesick? You miss your mommy?
[picks up his shoe to find that it is scratched]
Shelton: What the fuck is this?
Andy Barclay: Don't worry about your shoe all right? I'll polish it, just give me back the doll.
Shelton: No, You listen to me. Tell Whitehurst he's off the hook, huh? I got myself another slave and clean up this mess.
[gives him back the shoe]
Shelton: You've got 5 demerits.
Andy Barclay: What about the doll?
Shelton: My kid sister's birthday is coming up. I think she's gunna love it, don't you?
[makes the doll wave goodbye]

Chucky: Hi, soldier!
[flips Shelton off, and laughs maniacally]
Shelton: [smiles] Fuck me!

Shelton: Does this look like a GUN to you, Barclay? It's a rifle!