Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra
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Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra (Character)
from Sleepers (1996)

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Sleepers (1996)
Father Bobby: [about sermons, before the boys are sentenced] This is one of my favorites.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: What is?
Father Bobby: "Whatever you do to the least of brethren, you do to me".

Father Bobby: I stopped off at Attica today on my way up here to see an old friend of mine.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: You have any friends who aren't in jail?
Father Bobby: Not as many as I'd like.

Fred Carlson: [about The Count of Monte Cristo] We can discuss the book on Friday if you think the count can hold their attention.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: He's got a shot.
Fred Carlson: Any particular section I should read from?
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: That's easy, the part where he escapes from prison.

Nokes: [Watching Shakes undress and sees he's wearing a necklace] What the fuck is that hangin' around your neck? Take it off.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: It's Mary, you know, the mother of God.
Nokes: [scoffs] I don't give a fuck whose mother it is. Take it off.