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Sean Nokes (Character)
from Sleepers (1996)

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Sleepers (1996)
Nokes: What do you want?
John: What I've always wanted. To watch you die.

Tommy: This is amazing!
John Reilly: Hello! It's been a long time!
Nokes: Who the fuck are you guys?
[John and Tommy each pull up a chair and sit down at Nokes' table]
Nokes: Hey, who the fuck asked you to sit down?
Tommy: I thought you'd be happy to see us... I guess I was wrong.
John: You know, after all that training, after all that time you put in, just guarding someone else's money... that seems like a waste!
Nokes: I'm asking you one more time who the fuck you are!
John: Why don't you take your time it will come to you!
[Nokes stares at them, thinking]
John: I can see how you might forget. We were just something for you and your friends to play with.
Tommy: It's not that easy for us to forget... you gave us so much more to remember.

Young Michael: What do you want?
Nokes: A blowjob. Down on your knees.

Nokes: [after breaking up fight] So you Hell's Kitchen's Boys get any lunch?
Young Michael: I got to smell it.
Nokes: [laughing] You got to smell it, that's good
[boys start walking back to line]
Nokes: , Hey, Hey, Hey, where you going?
Young Michael: You said to get lunch.
Nokes: Oh, you boys don't need to get back in line to get lunch 'cause there's plenty to eat right where you're standing
[looks at food on floor]
Young Michael: [looks at food in disbelief and shock] I'm not hungry.
Nokes: Well I don't give a fuck if you're hungry or not. You eat because I'm telling to eat.
Young Michael: [looks down at food again] I'm still not hungry!
Young Michael: [gets Hit by Nightstick] Uh, Ooh!
Nokes: I'll tell you when you're hungry or not, now eat!
Nokes: [looks at Shakes, Tommy, and John] Excuse me, what the fuck are you looking at? GET THE FUCK DOWN ON YOUR GODDAMN KNEES AND FINISH YOUR GODDAMN LUNCH!

Nokes: So what do you want?
John Reilly: What I've always wanted. Is to watch you die!

Sean Nokes: [to Inmates after breaking up fight] You know your time here hasn't taught you shit. You're still the same fucking clowns you were the day you walked in here.

Nokes: [Watching Shakes undress and sees he's wearing a necklace] What the fuck is that hangin' around your neck? Take it off.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: It's Mary, you know, the mother of God.
Nokes: [scoffs] I don't give a fuck whose mother it is. Take it off.

[Nokes is escorting Shakes, Mike, John, and Tommy down a corridor]
Sean Nokes: It's a tragedy, I tell ya. I don't understand you, boys. I don't think you know what it means to have rules. You gotta have rules and you gotta have discipline. Now I don't know what it was like in your homes and your homelifes, but in my house with my father, there were rules. And if you didn't follow the rules, there was hell to pay. You had rules and you had discipline. Sometimes it wasn't nice, but boy, we learned. We sure did learn.
[the boys enter a storage room where the other three guards are waiting]
Sean Nokes: Yeah, right around there to the right. There ya go. Come on now. I mean, it's a simple thing really. You got rules and you got discipline. That's the beginning of the story and that's the end of the story. Do we understand each other?