Father Bobby
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Father Bobby (Character)
from Sleepers (1996)

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Sleepers (1996)
Father Bobby: [about Shakes' prank in the church] Nuns are such easy targets.

Father Bobby: Listen, I got a story I want to tell you.
Young Tommy Marcano: It ain't the one about the lepers, is it? Cause that one gave me nightmares.

Father Bobby: [about sermons, before the boys are sentenced] This is one of my favorites.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: What is?
Father Bobby: "Whatever you do to the least of brethren, you do to me".

Father Bobby: I stopped off at Attica today on my way up here to see an old friend of mine.
Young Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra: You have any friends who aren't in jail?
Father Bobby: Not as many as I'd like.

Father Bobby: What about the life that was taken, Shakes? What's that worth?
Lorenzo: To me? Nothing.

Father Bobby: It was the Sistine Chapel he painted.
John Reilly: Sixteenth Chapel?
Father Bobby: Sistine Chapel.
John Reilly: Who painted the other fifteen?

Father Bobby: I'm telling you as a witness... and as a priest. We were at the game.
Michael: Yes, as a priest, and a priest wouldn't lie? Am I right?
Father Bobby: A priest with ticket stubs wouldn't need to lie. I always keep the stubs. Do you want to see them?
Michael: Why is that, Father? Why do you keep the stubs?
Father Bobby: Because you never know when someone might want more than your word.
Michael: Has anyone ever questioned your word before today?
Father Bobby: No. No one ever has. But there's a first time for everything.

Young John Reilly: Hey, uh, Father. How long did it take him? You know, paintin' the ceiling and all?
Father Bobby: Took him about nine years.
Young John Reilly: Nine years?
Father Bobby: That's right.
Young John Reilly: [laugh] For a ceiling? I had a Puerto Rican guy do my whole apartment in two days... and he had a bum leg.

Father Bobby: And you won't need a doctor when I'm done, you'll need a priest - to pray over your body.
Father Bobby: See you in church.