Michael Sullivan
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Michael Sullivan (Character)
from Sleepers (1996)

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Sleepers (1996)
Michael: You read the Count of Monte Cristo lately?
Lorenzo: I dunno, 10 years ago
Michael: I read a little bit every night. I read words like revenge, sweet, lasting revenge.

Michael: It's payback time.

Lorenzo: Mike, are you sure you wanna go this way? I mean we buried this a long time ago.
Michael: You still sleep with the light on?

Michael: You gotta get me one for our side.
Lorenzo: One what?
Michael: One witness. A witness who'll put John and Tommy somewhere else on the night of the murder. A witness they can't touch
Lorenzo: Don't they got a name for that?
Michael: A judge would call it perjury.
Lorenzo: I see, and what are we calling it?
Michael: A favor.

Michael: Revenge. Sweet lasting revenge. Now it's time for all of us to get a taste.

Michael: Do you still sleep with the lights on?

Michael: I just wish I could shut my eyes, and not see the places I've been.

Father Bobby: I'm telling you as a witness... and as a priest. We were at the game.
Michael: Yes, as a priest, and a priest wouldn't lie? Am I right?
Father Bobby: A priest with ticket stubs wouldn't need to lie. I always keep the stubs. Do you want to see them?
Michael: Why is that, Father? Why do you keep the stubs?
Father Bobby: Because you never know when someone might want more than your word.
Michael: Has anyone ever questioned your word before today?
Father Bobby: No. No one ever has. But there's a first time for everything.

Young Michael: What do you want?
Nokes: A blowjob. Down on your knees.

Nokes: [after breaking up fight] So you Hell's Kitchen's Boys get any lunch?
Young Michael: I got to smell it.
Nokes: [laughing] You got to smell it, that's good
[boys start walking back to line]
Nokes: , Hey, Hey, Hey, where you going?
Young Michael: You said to get lunch.
Nokes: Oh, you boys don't need to get back in line to get lunch 'cause there's plenty to eat right where you're standing
[looks at food on floor]
Young Michael: [looks at food in disbelief and shock] I'm not hungry.
Nokes: Well I don't give a fuck if you're hungry or not. You eat because I'm telling to eat.
Young Michael: [looks down at food again] I'm still not hungry!
Young Michael: [gets Hit by Nightstick] Uh, Ooh!
Nokes: I'll tell you when you're hungry or not, now eat!
Nokes: [looks at Shakes, Tommy, and John] Excuse me, what the fuck are you looking at? GET THE FUCK DOWN ON YOUR GODDAMN KNEES AND FINISH YOUR GODDAMN LUNCH!

Young Lorenzo: They killed him?
Young Michael: They took turns beating him... until there was nothing left of that kid to beat.

Young Michael: We can eat hot dogs, or we can eat air. Choose...
Young Tommy Marcano: Air is probably safer, Mike...

Young Michael: We haven't hit the hot dog vendor in couple of weeks.
Young Tommy Marcano: I don't know Mike... The cart guy ain't like the others. I mean he gets pretty pissed, like crazy when you try to take him off.
Young Michael: We can eat hot dogs... or we can eat air... Choose.
Young Tommy Marcano: Air is probably safer, Mike.

Rizzo: Why is Saturday any different?
Young Michael: cause on Saturday we can hit back, look they don't fuck with you like they do with us, but they fuck with you in another way, you're just an animal to them.
Rizzo: I don't give a fuck
Young Michael: Yeah you do, and beating them on Saturday won't make a difference.
Rizzo: Then why, white boy, why?
Young Michael: To make them feel what we feel, just for a couple of hours.

Woman at Subway Station: Sweet Jesus! What have you boys done? What in the name of God have you boys done?
Young Michael: I think we just killed a man.