Karin Kinsella
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Karin Kinsella (Character)
from Field of Dreams (1989)

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Field of Dreams (1989)
Chick Gandil: [the "Black Sox" warm up on the field. Shoeless Joe catches a fly ball hit by Buck Weaver] Show-off!
Buck Weaver: Stick it in your ear, Gandil.
Eddie Cicotte: Yeah, Gandil. If you'd have run like that against Detroit, I'd have won 20 games that year!
Chick Gandil: For Pete's sake, Cicotte, that was 68 years ago! Give it up, will ya?
Swede Risberg: Hey, hey! You guys wanna play ball, or what?
Buck Weaver: Musclebound jerk.
Eddie Cicotte: Oh, yeah? At least I got muscles.
Chick Gandil: No! At most you got muscles!
Buck Weaver: [returns to home plate]
[to Cicotte]
Buck Weaver: Come on, asshole! Pitch!
Swede Risberg: [motioning to Ray and Karin, who are in the stands] Weaver... Be nice.
Buck Weaver: [embarrassed, to Karin] Sorry, kid.
Karin Kinsella: It's okay. I don't mind.

Karin Kinsella: Daddy, there is a man on your lawn.

Karin Kinsella: Daddy?
Ray Kinsella: In a minute, Karin!
Karin Kinsella: There's a man out there, on your lawn.