Ignacio Suarez
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Ignacio Suarez (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: Fey's Sleigh Ride (#1.4)" (2006)
Amanda Tanen: Ho-la!
Ignacio Suarez: It's hola.
Amanda Tanen: No. There's a "H" in it.

Ignacio Suarez: Betty, maybe your guests would like... a snack? We have flan.
Amanda Tanen: What's a flan?
Ignacio Suarez: It's a delicious custard.
Amanda Tanen: Oh, BRING it!

"Ugly Betty: A Tree Grows in Guadalajara (#1.22)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: [to her relatives] Yo soy muy embarazada.
Ignacio Suarez: [to Betty] You just told them you're pregnant.
Betty Suarez: Oh no. Baby. No!

"Ugly Betty: Icing on the Cake (#1.17)" (2007)
Ignacio Suarez: Mrs. Mead, what do you take in your coffee?
Claire Meade: Vodka and ice, hold the coffee

"Ugly Betty: I See Me, I.C.U. (#2.8)" (2007)
Ignacio Suarez: Betty? Who the hell are you?
Yoga: Uh... Cable company.
Claire Meade: The cable company? Seriously?
Ignacio Suarez: Mrs. Meade?
Claire Meade: How many homes did you break into before you got caught? The cable company?
Yoga: How many times you be busting me out in front of people? I told you this is not a good word. Everyone believes somebody come from the cable company I told...
Claire Meade: You telling me "Fish don't do this, Fish don't do that." You've known exactly what you were doing, you've known it from the beginning.
Claire Meade: Mr. Suarez, so nice to see you again.