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Justin Suarez (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: Fey's Sleigh Ride (#1.4)" (2006)
Marc St. James: Nice vest!
Justin Suarez: Ralph Lauren, we got it half price because there is a small hole but you can't even see it.
Marc St. James: So, the kids at school, do they like it?
Justin Suarez: No. They don't really get me.
Marc St. James: A word of advice, be who you are, wear what you want, just learn how to run real fast.

Betty Suarez: Oh, look, here's some of my friends.
Amanda Tanen: Just because we're sharing an elevator, doesn't mean we're friends.
Betty Suarez: Marc, Amanda, this is uh, Justin.
Marc St. James: Oh, so that's pregnancy weight!
[Amanda laughs]
Betty Suarez: Um, no, he's my nephew.
Justin Suarez: [looks down at Amanda's shoes] OH MY GOD! Manolo Blahniks Spring 2004!
Marc St. James: [gasps] Wearing two-year-old shoes! Even I didn't catch that.
[to Betty]
Marc St. James: Definitely not your son.

Justin Suarez: Oh my god! It's just like Top Model, except no one's crying.

"Ugly Betty: All the World's a Stage (#4.16)" (2010)
Austin: [to Justin] Hey, what are you doing, I thought we were gonna hang out?
Justin Suarez: You guys go without me.
Austin: Justin, I know you saw us! Come on, she didn't pick me over you or anything. You got to kiss her, and I wanted my shot.
Justin Suarez: You guys seemed pretty into it.
Austin: I guess...
Justin Suarez: You weren't?
Austin: Well it wasn't like you two on stage. That seemed intense.
Justin Suarez: Well... I guess that's because I'm a good actor.
Austin: Really?
Justin Suarez: Yeah. It was better in my head.
Austin: [Austin chuckles] This is messed up, alright? Oh, and by the way, you weren't that good on stage, okay? Cause you were totally blocking me when you kissed her!
[Playfully shoves Justin]
Justin Suarez: You just have to have everyone seeing you all the time.
Austin: Trust me, they were looking at me anyways.
Justin Suarez: [laughing] You are so in love with yourself!
Austin: Wouldn't you be?
[the two freeze for a moment and look at each other. Austin then kisses Justin]

Justin Suarez: [Opens the door] Hey.
Lily: Hey.
Justin Suarez: [Austin appears] Oh, hey.
Lily: Where's your TV? I'll go set up the movie.
Justin Suarez: Oh, it's in there.
Austin: [to Justin] She invited me. Well, I guess she wanted me here, too.
Justin Suarez: Or maybe she felt sorry for you cause you were left out.
Austin: Or maybe she likes me better.
Justin Suarez: Or maybe you need a breath mint.
Lily: Guys, which Romeo or Juliet? Zeffirelli or Luhrmann?
Justin and Austin: Luhrmann.
Justin Suarez: [Justin and Austin looking slyly at each other] Welcome.

"Ugly Betty: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Justin Suarez: I can't eat flan! Flan makes me fat!

Justin Suarez: I don't want flan, I'll get fat!

"Ugly Betty: Giving up the Ghost (#2.9)" (2007)
Justin Suarez: So let me get this straight. Wilhelmina Slater was pushed in to a grave and you didn't get one picture?

Justin Suarez: A pink tree would be so kitsch. Pink is the new green.

"Ugly Betty: I'm Coming Out (#1.14)" (2007)
Justin Suarez: I swear mom, I will run away. I know a kid in sixth grade who sells crack.

"Ugly Betty: The Kids Are Alright (#2.17)" (2008)
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: So, the principal turns to her and says 'Betty Suarez, you're expelled!'
Antonella: No way!
Justin Suarez: Badass!
Betty Suarez: No, it is not badass to be expelled from school so don't go getting any ideas.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: [hugging his sister Antonella] Too late, you're officially a bad influence.

"Ugly Betty: Derailed (#1.16)" (2007)
Justin Suarez: Fine, but if I miss one minute of the first act... you think this is diva now?

"Ugly Betty: The Past Presents the Future (#4.19)" (2010)
Justin Suarez: I'm going to meet Austin.
Hilda Suarez: Where are you going?
Justin Suarez: Nowhere. Just hanging out.
Hilda Suarez: [to Bobby] Why is everything about Austin always such a big secret?
Bobby Talercio: No secret. Austin's a good kid. They're both good kids. Everything's cool.
Hilda Suarez: What's going on? Do you know something?
Bobby Talercio: No. I don't know anything. What, what would I know?
Hilda Suarez: You do know something. I swear to God, Bobby, you better tell me.
Bobby Talercio: No, I can't. I promised I wouldn't say anything. I'm not gonna break that promise.
Hilda Suarez: He's on drugs. Oh, my God! That Austin kid has got my baby hooked on drugs!
Bobby Talercio: It's not drugs.
Hilda Suarez: Well, then, what is it, Bobby? Because I cannot think of another reason why my son is always spending time with Austin. Oh, suddenly he's sneaking off all the time, or he's up in the room with the door...
[pauses as Bobby stares at her]
Hilda Suarez: Ooohhhhh.

"Ugly Betty: After Hours (#1.7)" (2006)
Hilda: Guess who's coming over for Thanksgiving dinner?
Justin: Martha Stewart? I won the contest?

"Ugly Betty: There's No Place Like Mode (#3.15)" (2009)
Betty Suarez: I only get two tickets to the mode show this year so we have to decide who's going
Justin Suarez: I get one, or I tell everyone you still love Ricky Martin
Betty Suarez: *gasps* okay
Justin Suarez: I'm sorry I had to play hard ball

"Ugly Betty: Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral (#1.8)" (2006)
Justin Suarez: Look Mom, I'm the Phantom of the Opera!