Henry Grubstick
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Henry Grubstick (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: A Thousand Words by Friday (#2.13)" (2008)
Henry Grubstick: Statistically speaking, two test subjects increases your chances of validating this mating theory.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: You should open with that, chicks would love it.
Henry Grubstick: Hey! I can Tap That better than you.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Are you serious?
Henry Grubstick: Serious as a nova.
Betty Suarez: Guys, no, this is my research, not a contest.

Henry Grubstick: Who's The Man?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Usually, not the guy who says 'Who's the man'!

"Ugly Betty: Something Wicked This Way Comes (#2.6)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: [via text messsage] You're about to hear a cough. That's me saying hello.
Henry: [via text messsage] You're about to hear a sneeze. That's me saying hello.
Giovanni: You're about to hear a gag. That's me... gagging.

[Betty and Henry hide in Glinda's bubble and a technical snafu causes it to turn on during "Defying Gravity" and interrupts "Wicked"]
Megan Hilty: [out of character] What the...?
Eden Espinosa: [also out of character] Holy crap!
Henry: Smile, Betty, you're on Broadway.

"Ugly Betty: East Side Story (#1.23)" (2007)
[Betty and Henry are trying to have a romantic moment in the copy room]
Amanda Tanen: Who is hogging the -?
Amanda Tanen: Oh, dorkus interuptus.
Betty Suarez, Henry Grubstick: GET OUT!
Amanda Tanen: [exits] Hey, everyone, Betty's in heat!

"Ugly Betty: Secretaries Day (#1.21)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: You are such a dork.
Henry: You know you love it.