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Katey Miller (Character)
from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
Katey Miller: [Watching the Cubans 'dirty dancing'] Look at the way they feel the music.
James Phelps: They're feeling it, all right.

Javier Suarez: First, we learn to move and then we worry about lists and words.
Katey Miller: Okay, fine.
Javier Suarez: How do you call this?
[Motions to his hips]
Katey Miller: Your hips?
Javier Suarez: [Mocking her] Move your hips.
[Pleases his hands on Katey's hips as she moves]
Javier Suarez: A circle. Come on. Come on, a circle. That's a box.

Jeannie Miller: [Katey has found out that her family is leaving. She's struggling to comb through her wet hair] Give me that comb. When you were little, you used to hide under the bed when I tried to comb out these knots. Katey, your father's been the only man in my life, so I don't know what it's like to say good-bye to someone. Saying good-bye to dancing, the other love of my life, broke my heart. Then you were born and then Susie, and I loved you both so much that I...
Katey Miller: You're saying I'll get over it.
Jeannie Miller: No, I'm not. No, I'm saying I know you're hurting.
Katey Miller: Everything's such a mess.
Jeannie Miller: You have a choice. You can do nothing; you can hide under the bed...
Katey Miller: Or you can work through the knots.

Katey Miller: I'm gonna miss you.
Javier Suarez: I'm gonna miss you, too.
Katey Miller: I am taking you with me.
Javier Suarez: [Places hand over his heart] I am keeping you here.

Katey Miller: [voiceover] Javier once said that dancing is about being exactly who you want to be in that moment. Dancing with him, I realized I was becoming exactly the woman I wanted to be. We didn't win the contest- but we did win something more important to us. On my last night in Havana we were King and Queen of La Rosa Negra. We didn't know when we would see each other again, but we knew that this wasn't our last dance.

Javier Suarez: You felt the sudden urge for Cuban music?
Katey Miller: The van left without me, I've been walking for an hour.
Javier Suarez: I can walk you back.
Katey Miller: Oh, no, you don't have to do that!
Javier Suarez: Oh, yeah, you're right. You'll find your way sooner or later. Maybe in a week or a month. Let me just say goodbye.

Javier Suarez: So, what, you know like five words in Spanish?
Katey Miller: Maybe ten.

Javier Suarez: You mean dance with you?
Katey Miller: God, I'm not that bad. Well, you didn't seem to mind it last night.
Javier Suarez: I wasn't trying to win a contest.
Katey Miller: Oh, weren't you?

Javier Suarez: [Lying together the morning after they slept together] We didn't win the contest.
Katey Miller: No, but the consolation prize was pretty good.

[about Javier]
Susie Miller: He's not like us.
Katey Miller: There is no "us", Susie.

Katey Miller: [Javier is trying to teach Katey to move her hips. He places his hand on her butt, and she flinches away] God! Do you have to be such a guy?
Javier Suarez: [Scoffs] Ok. Ok, I'll be the girl.
[Opens his shirt and pulls his hair out of his face. He 'dances']
Katey Miller: [laughs]

Katey Miller: [Narrating] Here's what I know about Cuba; My high school French wasn't going to help me. I didn't know a single person, and though no one would talk about it, Fidel Castro was leading the people in a revolution against president Batista. Not that you would know it from this place.

Eve: [Katey knocks into Javier's tray; he drops the glasses] Shit!
Katey Miller: Oh, I am so sorry! It's my fault!
Eve: [to Javier] No, just, just go get new drinks! Stupid Spic!

Javier Suarez: I'm sorry for what she called you.
Javier Suarez: That was nothing.
Katey Miller: Not to me.
Javier Suarez: Then why are *you* apologizing?
[Walks away]

Katey Miller: What was it you called him?
Javier Suarez: Abuelito. It's my grandpa.

Jeannie Miller: For Heaven's sakes! Katey, why didn't you call me? For all I know, you could've been kidnapped by rebels.
Katey Miller: It's not the rebels you should be worried about.

Javier Suarez: [Sees Katey dancing rather unflatteringly] You're a pretty good dancer.
Katey Miller: [laughs] I was terrible.
Javier Suarez: Well, yeah. Yeah, you were terrible. But for an American, you move well.
Katey Miller: Oh, thanks.

Javier Suarez: You should see for yourself. The real dancers are at La Rosa Negra on Saturday night.
Katey Miller: Katey: Oh, I can't. I got invited to this country club... thing.
Javier Suarez: Javier: That was fast.
Katey Miller: Katey: Yeah.
Javier Suarez: Javier: Is that why you want to learn Cuban dancing? Just to impress your date?
Katey Miller: Katey: No, I wanted to...
Javier Suarez: Javier: Don't worry, don't worry. They won't dance like that at the club. Just learn the Foxtrot instead.
[Walks away]
Katey Miller: Katey:
[to herself]
Katey Miller: I already know the Foxtrot.

Katey Miller: You two aren't planning an arranged marriage, are you?
Jeannie Miller: No, I should've thought of that.

Katey Miller: [Looking at a dress] Yolanda?
Yolanda: Yes?
Katey Miller: Is this square?
Yolanda: Square?
Katey Miller: Yeah, you know,
[Makes a square with her hands]
Katey Miller: like a square.
Yolanda: Is square good or bad?
Katey Miller: It's bad.
Yolanda: Si. It's a square.

Katey Miller: I don't know. You're smaller than me. Your dresses will be...
Yolanda: [Pulls a tight, low-cut red dress from her closet] Perfect.
Katey Miller: You're joking?
Yolanda: Why? Is it square?
Katey Miller: Definitely not.

Katey Miller: [Nervous about her dress] I don't know.
James Phelps: James: Oh, I do.

Javier Suarez: [Sees Katey's sexy dress] You look so Cuban.
Katey Miller: So do you!

Javier Suarez: Do you mind if I dance with your date?
James Phelps: Well, you'll have to ask her.
Katey Miller: [Javier looks at her. She nods enthusiastically] Okay.

Javier Suarez: Shall we give your boyfriend a show?
Katey Miller: He's not my boyfriend.

Javier Suarez: [Everyone moves to give a couple room to dance] Raul y Esmeralda. King and Queen of La Rosa Negra. When they dance, the floor is theirs.
Katey Miller: You're as good a dancer as he is.

Katey Miller: I was enjoying the dancing.
James Phelps: You... you were very hot.
[Leans over and locks Katey's door]
James Phelps: It's not the safest part of town.
[He tries to make Katey kiss her. She tries to push him away, but he's stronger]
Katey Miller: No, don't. Take me home. Stop it! Get off!
[Pushes him off]
James Phelps: You didn't say no to him.
[Grabs at her again, and rips her dress. She slaps him across the face, gets out of the car and runs away. He gets out of the car to call after her]
James Phelps: Katey! Katey, get back in the damn car! I'll take you home!

Javier Suarez: [Katey comes back in the club. He walks up behind her] Hey.
Katey Miller: [Katey turns around] Hey.
[She looks flustered. Her hair is a mess and her dress is ripped. He looks back and forth from the rip to her face]
Javier Suarez: Where is he?
[Tries to run after James, Katey holds him back]
Katey Miller: He's gone. He's gone. It's okay, it's okay. I'm fine.
[Javier gives her a look]
Katey Miller: My dad works for his dad. I just wanna forget about it.
Javier Suarez: Don't worry. I'll take you home. Come on.

Katey Miller: I'm sorry your evening was so difficult.
Katey Miller: Not all of it was.

Javier Suarez: You know that it's ballroom dancing. It's not what I do.
Javier Suarez, Katey Miller: It's *Latin* ballroom. If we mix what you do with what I do, I really think we'd have something.
Javier Suarez: I still have to teach you everything.
Katey Miller: Not *everything*. I'll have to teach you a few things, too.

Katey Miller: [Blackmailing James] I'm gonna help Javier and you're gonna help me.

Jeannie Miller: [Intercut with scenes of Javier and Katey dancing] How's it going with James?
Jeannie Miller: I got homework to do.
Jeannie Miller: You know what, sweetie? I've been wanting to ask you if you have any questions or concerns, you know, about, about you and James. It's awkward to talk about, but it's important that you not let a boy pressure you. And even if you have certain feelings when you're with James, feelings that you aren't used to having, the decisions you make now, the choices you make could affect your whole life. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Katey Miller: [Clearly thinking about Javier, and not James] Mm-hmm.
Jeannie Miller: You do? Oh, good.
[Katey leaves]

Javier Suarez: Why are you so afraid to let me lead you?
Katey Miller: I'm not.
Javier Suarez: You are. When you're ready to say you're afraid, let me know.

Dance Class Instructor: So what did you decide?
Katey Miller: I entered the contest.
Dance Class Instructor: All right! Good for you. So how's it going?
Katey Miller: Oh, great. It's going great.
Dance Class Instructor: Really?
Katey Miller: No, it's not. God, I must've been crazy to think we could do this. It's in two weeks, and whenever he pushes, I pull. And, and I'm flowing, and being free, and I'm making a circle and I'm not an ironing board anymore, and it's still not working! And now he says
[Mocking Javier's accent]
Katey Miller: *You're afraid!*
Dance Class Instructor: Are you?
Katey Miller: [Defensively] No.
Dance Class Instructor: That's too bad.

Katey Miller: [Javier walks out of his apartment to see Katey] Okay, I am.
Javier Suarez: You are what?
Katey Miller: Afraid.
[Javier smiles]

Javier Suarez: We were having dinner, and there was a knock on the door. Suddenly two policemen were taking my father away. The traitor could've been anyone. Batista has his spies everywhere. That's the thing, you know? My father never hurt anybody. He was just a free thinker. Someone didn't like his thoughts. We had a funeral, but we never found his body. Carlos disappeared for a while, afraid that he would be next. And then this girl shows up with a baby, says it's his, and she cannot afford it, and... Suddenly I'm in charge of my whole family.
Katey Miller: It may not be what you want for yourself, but you *are* making a difference.
Javier Suarez: There's a revolution out there, and what am I doing? Just painting stolen cars and babysitting?
Katey Miller: No, you're keeping your family alive. That's the most important thing you could do.

Susie Miller: Hi.
[Katey ignores her]
Susie Miller: How long are you gonna be mad at me?
Susie Miller: The girls here. I told Lois I liked Jane Eyre, and she asked me what movie she was in. I'm really sorry that I told on you. And what I said about Javier? I was wrong.
Katey Miller: You gotta think for yourself, Suze.
Susie Miller: I know. I miss you.
Katey Miller: [Jumps on Susie] Well, I've been dying to tell you! Can you keep a secret this time?
[Susie nods]

Katey Miller: I didn't do anything wrong.
Bert Miller: You lied to us.
Katey Miller: I know, and I'm sorry. But I knew you wouldn't let me try and...
Jeannie Miller: Kiss a Cuban pool boy in front of everyone? You're damn straight we wouldn't!
Katey Miller: That's not...
Jeannie Miller: And why in the world would you wanna hurt James? I thought you liked him.
Katey Miller: No, you liked him. Because he fits into your perfect country club world.
Jeannie Miller: There's nothing wrong with that world.
Katey Miller: No, but he couldn't keep his hands off *me*.
Bert Miller: What? What happened?
Katey Miller: No, nothing. Nothing happened. I'm fine.
Bert Miller: Why didn't you tell us?
Katey Miller: Because I didn't wanna mess up your job!
Bert Miller: Katey, how could you think that my job would be more important than you?
Katey Miller: I didn't wanna hurt you. I just wanted to help Javier, which is his name, by the way. Oh, God, I love dancing with him!
Jeannie Miller: Oh, Katey. Did it ever occur to you that that boy might be using you?
Katey Miller: What? No.
Jeannie Miller: A nice American girl that might be his ticket out of here?
Katey Miller: Please, no. That's not true.
Jeannie Miller: You might love dancing with him, but there are more important factors here, like your family and your future!
Katey Miller: Why does it have to be 'either/or'? Just because you gave up your passion, why should I?
Jeannie Miller: [Smacks Katey across the face]

Katey Miller: I'm gonna be out there on New Year's Eve, no matter what you and Mom think.
Bert Miller: No more lies.

Katey Miller: [Lying together the morning after they slept together. Javier is silent] What?
Javier Suarez: Nothing.
Katey Miller: Tell me.
Javier Suarez: Carlos. He, he always said that when the revolution came, Castro would kick out all the Yankee companies.
Katey Miller: But you don't really know that.
Javier Suarez: No. I'm just saying that...
Katey Miller: What? That I might have to leave?
Javier Suarez: It could happen.
Katey Miller: But they wouldn't do that. Not if the whole idea is to give people their freedom.
Javier Suarez: *Cuban* people.
Katey Miller: Well, then you'll come with us. I'm sure my Dad can work it out.
Javier Suarez: And my family?
Katey Miller: We'll send for them, just like we were always gonna do.
Javier Suarez: Katey, I wanted to leave because of Batista. But now...
Katey Miller: But you don't know what life would be like here. I mean, what if it doesn't get better?
Javier Suarez: My father died for this. I have to believe it will. I can make a difference here. You showed me that. This is my country. It's my home.

Katey Miller: Javier?
Javier Suarez: Yeah?
Katey Miller: If we don't win the finals...
Javier Suarez: We will.
Katey Miller: But *if* we don't... I'm not gonna go to college in six months.
Javier Suarez: You don't know how you're gonna feel in six months.
Katey Miller: Yes, I do.
Javier Suarez: No, you don't. I don't want you to give up your dreams for me.
Katey Miller: But I have new dreams now.
[They kiss]

Jeannie Miller: Your father and I discussed it. And we think that you should do a double turn at the finals.
Katey Miller: You liked the way I danced?
Jeannie Miller: Katey, if you're asking me to approve of you and this boy, I can't. But the dancing... The dancing was incredible. I think I should take a little credit for that.
Katey Miller: I think you should, too.

Javier Suarez: [about Batista leaving] I can't believe it's real.
Katey Miller: Don't you wanna be out there celebrating?
Javier Suarez: No, I wanna be right here with you.

Javier Suarez: I can fit another couple between us.
Katey Miller: It's not gonna be a crowded club. You've gotta sweep across the dance floor.
Javier Suarez: Okay. Okay, I can sweep.
[Mockingly starts leading Katey in huge circles]
Katey Miller: What are you doing? Your steps are too big!
Javier Suarez: Nah, nah. I'm sweeping!

Javier Suarez: [Katey takes off her wrap and goes to walk away. He pulls her back] Que bonita!
Katey Miller: Gracias.

Katey Miller: Don't forget to look at the judges.
Javier Suarez: Don't worry about the others, hmm? Remember, you are the Queen of La Rosa Negra.