Wilhelmina Slater
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Wilhelmina Slater (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: Filing for the Enemy (#3.2)" (2008)
[Wilhelmia just got fired and Daniel reinstated at Mode]
Wilhelmina Slater: I still own 1/3 of this company!
Claire Meade: No! Your unborn child own 1/3 of this company.
Wilhelmina Slater: [to Daniel and Alexis] You are going to *regret* this! I promise you!
Claire Meade: Don't you ever threaten my family, Wilhelmina!
Claire Meade: [menacingly] You have *no idea* the lengths I will go to protect my children!

Wilhelmina Slater: Look at us! Two women of color out for a fancy lunch in the town! Isn't this fun, girlfriend?
Betty Suarez: [laughs nervously] I guess.
Wilhelmina Slater: And that blouse is heaven! Where did you get? I love it!
Betty Suarez: No you don't!
Wilhelmina Slater: No, I don't. It's hideous, like driving through Ohio.

Betty Suarez: Can you believe it? My first day here and I helped sell.
Marc St. James: Did you flip your wig? I told you to be invisible.
Betty Suarez: She asked me a question, and I was helpful.
Marc St. James: Don't you get it? Wilhelmina doesn't need help. You never outshine the Queen.
Betty Suarez: Yeah, well, she landed a major advertiser, and, by the way, Wilhelmina totally smiled at me.
Marc St. James: She wasn't smiling... she was showing her teeth.
Wilhelmina Slater: Betty! In my office, now.

Wilhelmina Slater: On the contrary, I was very, very impressed. And it made me think that maybe you were the one.
Betty Suarez: Like "Lord of the Rings?"

"Ugly Betty: The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe (#1.5)" (2006)
Wilhelmina Slater: I can't deny it anymore; it's happened. I've become a woman of a certain age

Wilhelmina Slater: I can't compete anymore with the bevy of 22 year old gym bodies. You starve yourself, you pull yourself, you inject yourself, you think your safe, but they keep coming to the door younger and younger like a hail of bullets until down you go. Why is it such a crime to age in this business?
Christina McKinney: It's true! It started because women are so punitive.
Wilhelmina Slater: And who's fault is that. I set the standards. Lifetime achievement award, there's my achievement; it bit me in the ass, and the hips. Serves me right, huh?

[Marc is dressed as Betty for Halloween]
Marc St. James: Hola! Happy Halloween!
[Amanda laughs like a hyena]
Wilhelmina Slater: Marc!
[Marc flips around to face Wilhelmina]
Wilhelmina Slater: That is the absolute cruelest thing I've ever seen. Someone's getting a raise.

Wilhelmina Slater: [about Marc's Betty costume] Take that disgusting thing off! I can barely stand looking at the REAL ONE!

"Ugly Betty: Brothers (#1.15)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: Birthdays are the gateways to Secret Santas and casual Fridays!

Wilhelmina Slater: Excuse me, is this you?
[Holds up photograph and woman nods]
Wilhelmina Slater: You're fired!

Evelyn: Ok so you see that stripper, she used to be a nun and she's pregnant with the butcher's baby, but she doesn't know that the butcher is her second cousin.
Wilhelmina Slater: A story as old as time.

"Ugly Betty: Fey's Sleigh Ride (#1.4)" (2006)
Wilhelmina Slater: We'll work with each other to fix it. I'll start with the leak.
Daniel Meade: I'll tackle the new spread.
Wilhelmina Slater: Perfect. We're in this together.
Daniel Meade: Are you as creeped out as I am?
Wilhelmina Slater: More

Wilhelmina Slater: [to MODE staff] We have two days to conceive and execute an entirely new concept!
Daniel Meade: If any of you have plans, I need you to cancel them. I want everyone working together to pull this off.
Wilhelmina Slater: What Daniel's trying to say is, kiss your loved ones goodbye and expect to come home to dead pets!
Marc St. James: [to himself] Schmoopy...

Daniel Meade: Ok, off that... the sand is desert sand, like Africa. So maybe instead of Christmas, we do other winter holidays... Kwanzaa?
Wilhelmina Slater: Did you just gesture at me when you said Kwanzaa?

"Ugly Betty: I'm Coming Out (#1.14)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: You wil be at my side at all times. You will be my seeing-eye gay.

Marc St. James: [Wilhelmina has just injected duck sauce in her face, and her eyes have swelled up] It's a blessing, Willie. Think about it, Fashion Week! All those people you don't want to see!
Wilhelmina Slater: But they have to see me! And you will be by my side at all times. You will be my seeing-eye-gay.

"Ugly Betty: In or Out (#1.13)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: Now take off that ridiculous costume! I can't even stand looking at the real one.

[the masked lady is revealed]
Wilhelmina Slater: Boy that skiing accident sure paid off... Alex Meade.
Alexis Meade: Alexis. It's Alexis now.

"Ugly Betty: Bananas for Betty (#2.10)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: Why aren't they working?
Marc St. James: Willy, a word. It's not that anyone minds being abused, it's just that they thought and I don't know where they got this that they are being paid to be abused.

Wilhelmina Slater: Well, that's why you're beloved - you're loyal to your fans.
Betty White: Oh, well, I adore 'em... Except for the few sickos who write lesbian fan fiction about me and Bea Arthur.

"Ugly Betty: Derailed (#1.16)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: You're not here to stitch, you're here to snitch!
Marc St. James: She means she needs information, bitch!

[after Alexis decides not to fire Daniel]
Wilhelmina Slater: You know, you may be new at being a woman, but you're an old pro at being a BITCH!

"Ugly Betty: A Tree Grows in Guadalajara (#1.22)" (2007)
[Tavares has been exposed as straight at his fashion party]
Wilhelmina Slater: Wow. My first public *inning*!

"Ugly Betty: Swag (#1.11)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: Well good luck returning my ass!

"Ugly Betty: The Kids Are Alright (#2.17)" (2008)
Wilhelmina Slater: Am I smiling, I can't tell?
Marc St. James: I think you are.

"Ugly Betty: Trust, Lust and Must (#1.6)" (2006)
Wilhelmina Slater: Nico, I told you only emergencies.
[pauses for a moment, listening]
Wilhelmina Slater: No. You cannot submit my apartment for 'pimp yo house'!

"Ugly Betty: Ugly Berry (#3.6)" (2008)
Wilhelmina Slater: Do you have some kind of death wish?

"Ugly Betty: Crush'd (#3.7)" (2008)
Wilhelmina Slater: Sorry, I sometimes blackmail people when I'm nervous.

"Ugly Betty: Giving up the Ghost (#2.9)" (2007)
Daniel Meade: You came to clean out your office?
Wilhelmina Slater: Actually, I came to clean out *yours*.

"Ugly Betty: When Betty Met YETI (#3.9)" (2008)
Wilhelmina Slater: [Wilhelmina and Marc are discussing Connor] He is ambitious, he's shrewd, he's competitive, he's hot, he's - -he's me.
Marc St. James: He's the Male-amina

"Ugly Betty: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (#1.18)" (2007)
[Wilhelmina, Daniel, Alexis and Marc are discussing the current Mode situation]
Wilhelmina Slater: Seems like everyone's an Editor-In-Chief here except me!
Marc St. James: Oh, and me.
[Wilhelmina glares at Marc]

"Ugly Betty: Lose the Boss? (#1.9)" (2006)
Wilhelmina Slater: Who on this staff would be willing to eat something that is 15 grams of fat per serving?

"Ugly Betty: Punch Out (#1.19)" (2007)
Wilhelmina Slater: I thought there was a gag order against him.
Marc St. James: It should be. A red hat with his skin tone? I am gagging.

"Ugly Betty: The Sex Issue (#3.19)" (2009)
Marc St. James: Come on! He is totally hot! He looks like Taye Diggs.
Wilhelmina Slater: What is it with white people and Taye Diggs?

"Ugly Betty: Jump (#2.18)" (2008)
Wilhelmina Slater: [to Daniel] You're no longer Editor-In-Chief at Mode. I am!