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Betty Suarez (Character)
from "Yo soy Betty, la fea" (1999)

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"Ugly Betty: Betty's Wait Problem (#2.3)" (2007)
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Okay, Chicken and Cheese Special on a Baguette, no chicken, no cheese... no baguette.
[to Betty]
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I just sold her a plate of lettuce for seven bucks.
Betty Suarez: Yes, but that's her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So really, it's a bargain.

Betty Suarez: Can I please get the Turkey Sundried Tomato on a Baguette?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: [claps] Yes! Man! I knew you were an eater!
Betty Suarez: Oh! Thank you, I guess...

Betty Suarez: So, you're new. What happened to Robert?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Ya know, I think he inherited money... or got arrested. I don't know, there was a lawyer and cash involved.
Betty Suarez: Well... welcome!

Betty Suarez: Oh, hey! I'm glad you're still here. There's just a little problem with my sandwich.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Oh, man! Is there a hair? I'm like the only one in my family with a full head.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Sorry, I don't know where Robert is. I'm not his keeper. But Robert didn't know jack about food. A sundried tomato is a concentrated flavor, more than three on a sandwich would overwhelm the smoky flavor of the turkey.
Betty Suarez: Okay, ya know what? I think my turkey can handle it. So, could I please just have some more sundried tomatoes?

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Well, you must be happy.
Betty Suarez: [into phone] I'll call you back.
[to Gio]
Betty Suarez: Why?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I just got fired because you went crying to your boss. Now I don't have a job...
[to self]
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Man! I'm going to have to go back to stealing cable from my neighbor, which I don't feel right about. All because the little Mode-girl wasn't happy with her sandwhich.
Betty Suarez: No, look! I wasn't trying to get you fired...
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Well, nonetheless, you did.
[to the rest of Mode staff]
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Alright, everybody! That's it for me! But before I go: there is no such thing as fat-free Mayo. There's a hundred and twenty-five calories of pure fat per tablespoon and I put two on every sandwich.
[to Betty]
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: See you around Mode-girl.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Wow! That was... that was nice of you.
Betty Suarez: See? I'm not a Mode-girl. A Mode-girl wouldn't have done that.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Yeah, I guess not. But, that's okay. I don't want it back.
Betty Suarez: Why?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: 'Cause loosing that job was exactly the kick in the butt I needed. It was taking me away from my 5-year plan.
Betty Suarez: What's happening in five years?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I'm starting my own place. Ya know, Gio's Sandwich Depot: three hundred seats, a thousand kinds of sandwiches and the world's longest condiment bar. You name it, it's on there. Go ahead, name one.
Betty Suarez: Um... mustard?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Of course there's going to be mustard there! Come on, use your imagination.
Betty Suarez: Sorry, you caught me off-guard.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Gio's going to be huge!

Betty Suarez: Hey! Wait! You have a van! We need a van. Would you drive me to New Jersey to pick up a wheelchair? We'd pay you.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Sure, I could do that. Get in!
Betty Suarez: [thinks for a moment] Sour-kraut?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Don't embarrass yourself.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: [on the phone] Daniel, it's Betty again, we got you your chair but you're just going to have to meet us here because it's almost eleven o'clock so you're just going to have to meet us here, and I've got the lint roller so I'll just go over you when you get here.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Man!
Betty Suarez: What?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I think I know the reason why you don't write: you're too busy de-linting your bosses ass.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: What have you written?
Betty Suarez: A lot! Actually, I used to practically run the Queens Community College newspaper, but since I've left the quality has gone way down.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: No, I mean lately.
Betty Suarez: Uh, well... nothing, really, but I do have a lot of ideas.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Good! Keeping it all up there! That's how Hemingway did it. He was thinking 'What a nice morning' and The Sun Also Rises just "magically" appeared on the page.

Betty Suarez: Are you making fun of me?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Nah
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I'm sorry. I just hope you're not one of these people who just waits for things to happen. What are you, like thirty now?
Betty Suarez: I'm twenty-three!

Betty Suarez: How could you? I wasted my entire day trying to get that stupid thing... Do you have any idea what I could have done with that time? I could have written a short story. Or a whole bunch of short stories depending on how short they were. Or written in my journal, because I'm pretty sure my last entry went something like, "I love Lance Bass. I want to marry him.

"Ugly Betty: A Thousand Words by Friday (#2.13)" (2008)
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: So, did you hear? Phil Roth is in the house!
Betty Suarez: Oh! You know who Philip Roth is? Author of 'Portnoy's Complaint', 'Goodbye, Columbus'...
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: ...'American pastoral', yeah. Not everyone who makes sandwiches is a lunk.

Betty Suarez: What?! Who's Phil Roth?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: He writes books on how to pick up chicks.
Betty Suarez: [shrugs] Oh, my god! Daniel said Phil Roth, but I just thought he was doing his annoying casual thing... Bobby de Niro, Marty Scorsese. I don't want to interview a guy who writes books like that.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Hey! You get to write an article, okay? Now, go in there with an open mind. He's actually got a lot to say!

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: [at a Bar] I think I'm going to go for that blondie over there.
Betty Suarez: Gio, don't you think she's a little out of your league?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: League?! I'm a guy. The universe is my league!

Henry Grubstick: Statistically speaking, two test subjects increases your chances of validating this mating theory.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: You should open with that, chicks would love it.
Henry Grubstick: Hey! I can Tap That better than you.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Are you serious?
Henry Grubstick: Serious as a nova.
Betty Suarez: Guys, no, this is my research, not a contest.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I told that girl over there that I'm going to Iraq next week. Gotta strike now.
Betty Suarez: Classy.

Betty Suarez: [to Henry] Gio is a total dog... he's perfect.

"Ugly Betty: In or Out (#1.13)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: Now, can we discuss this Cheeto tan?
Daniel Meade: What? I was supposed to be in Rio for two weeks.
Betty Suarez: You look like an oompa-loompa.

Betty Suarez: Daniel!... So, how's Rio?
Daniel Meade: It's bueno.

Daniel Meade: Look at you. Five months ago you thought Cavalli was a kind of pasta.
Betty Suarez: Yeah. So did you.

Betty Suarez: I'm going to get Daniel a new horse to ride... That didn't sound as dirty in my head.

Betty Suarez: Just think, if you become a power couple they'll call you Gisaniel.

"Ugly Betty: A League of Their Own (#2.5)" (2007)
Daniel Meade: [Betty has just told Daniel that they are going to a briefing being held by Wilhelmina] Is that where we're going? I wanted to go get some Danish.
[Betty pulls a danish out of her purse]
Daniel Meade: Are you really that good or did you just happen to have that with you?
Betty Suarez: You'll never know.

Amanda Tanen: [Betty is taking a picture to put on an online dating site] Head down, shoot from above, get those bangs to cover those caterpillars, and hide your chins by doing this
[puts both hands, touching at the fingertips, under her chin]
Amanda Tanen: , and for God's sake, lose the glasses.
Betty Suarez: Amanda, I wear glasses, I'm not gonna lie.
Amanda Tanen: Whatever, but guys don't make passes at girls who are fat.

Betty Suarez: [Betty checks her profile on a dating website] Christina, look! I have responses to my profile!
Christina McKinney: 15 of them! First one's from ILoveTacos.
Betty Suarez: I love tacos!
Christina McKinney: Then ILoveChurros.
Betty Suarez: I love churros!
Christina McKinney: Then ILoveTortillas.
Betty Suarez: [realizes all of these are fake] Amanda, you're not funny.
Amanda Tanen: [walks over] I'm a little funny.

Christina McKinney: Hey, there's one, NiceGuy47.
Betty Suarez: Ooh! It's a real one. "I'd love to go out with you; your profile says you love bowling, so if you have some 'spare' time..."
Christina McKinney, Betty Suarez: Aww!
Amanda Tanen: I don't get it.

"Ugly Betty: Filing for the Enemy (#3.2)" (2008)
[Daniel is back as Editor-In-Chief at Mode]
Daniel Meade: So, do you want to come back?
Betty Suarez: Well, only if I can keep the raise Wilhelmina gave me.
Daniel Meade: [mildly amused] Boy, you sure know how to capitalize on leverage, don't you?
[Betty smiles]

Wilhelmina Slater: Look at us! Two women of color out for a fancy lunch in the town! Isn't this fun, girlfriend?
Betty Suarez: [laughs nervously] I guess.
Wilhelmina Slater: And that blouse is heaven! Where did you get? I love it!
Betty Suarez: No you don't!
Wilhelmina Slater: No, I don't. It's hideous, like driving through Ohio.

Betty Suarez: Can you believe it? My first day here and I helped sell.
Marc St. James: Did you flip your wig? I told you to be invisible.
Betty Suarez: She asked me a question, and I was helpful.
Marc St. James: Don't you get it? Wilhelmina doesn't need help. You never outshine the Queen.
Betty Suarez: Yeah, well, she landed a major advertiser, and, by the way, Wilhelmina totally smiled at me.
Marc St. James: She wasn't smiling... she was showing her teeth.
Wilhelmina Slater: Betty! In my office, now.

Wilhelmina Slater: On the contrary, I was very, very impressed. And it made me think that maybe you were the one.
Betty Suarez: Like "Lord of the Rings?"

"Ugly Betty: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
[after being publicly humiliated at a photo shoot]
Betty Suarez: [to Daniel] This is what you wanted, isn't it? To humiliate me and make me quit! God forbid you should have to work with the ugly girl your Dad *made* you hire! Well, congratulations!

Daniel Meade: Betty, wait-...
Betty Suarez: This is what you wanted, isn't it? To humiliate me and make me quit? God forbid you had to work with the ugly girl your dad forced you to hire. Well, congratulations.

Betty Suarez: You are an attractive, intelligent, confident, businesswoman.

Amanda Tanen: Hi. Are you the before?
Betty Suarez: Huh?
Amanda Tanen: Before and after? The photo shoot?
[Betty does not understand]
Amanda Tanen: Are you de-liv-er-ing some-thing?

"Ugly Betty: East Side Story (#1.23)" (2007)
Angélica: Okay, I just checked her file, she had her cleaning two months ago. Her insurance will not cover this every six months.
Diane: Rinse and spit, Angélica, just put it through. Where's your sense of romance? She's doing this for the man she loves.
[to Betty]
Diane: Ooh, we should give you pink rubber bands.
Betty Suarez: Ooh, yeah, that would be really fun!
Angélica: Dentistry is not about fun.
[to Diane]
Angélica: You always think that you can bend all the rules because you're pretty... and blonde.
Betty Suarez: Is she okay?
Diane: She's just mad because we had a nitrous party the other night and we didn't invite her.
Angélica: That was unethical and costly.

Diane: Okay, maybe I do escape to the movies more often than I should, but this is your movie, Betty?
Betty Suarez: It is?
Diane: This is your chance for the happy ending you always wanted.
Betty Suarez: Yeah.
Diane: Now go home and put on some totally cute top and run a brush through that hair, or maybe a hat and go and stop that plane. You're Drew Barrymore!
Betty Suarez: Okay.
[exits but then enters again]
Betty Suarez: Wait, I have my nephew's show tonight and I don't have the flight number and what about security, I...
Diane: Drew Barrymore!

[Betty and Henry are trying to have a romantic moment in the copy room]
Amanda Tanen: Who is hogging the -?
Amanda Tanen: Oh, dorkus interuptus.
Betty Suarez, Henry Grubstick: GET OUT!
Amanda Tanen: [exits] Hey, everyone, Betty's in heat!

[Daniel's lie to Betty has been exposed, as well as his new drug addiction]
Daniel Meade: I know, you're disappointed.
Betty Suarez: No, Daniel! I am *way past* disappointed!
[Betty storms out]

"Ugly Betty: Bananas for Betty (#2.10)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: Shut up! I so want to see this movie. I love romantic comedies.
Christina McKinney: And I love James Marsden. I wanna bake him naked and eat him for dessert.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: It's interesting, you only call me when you need something. When was the last time you've been down to my deli and bought a sandwich?
Betty Suarez: Well, Gio, that's because every time I come in you tell, 'There she is: the eater!'
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: It's cute! It's our thing!

Betty Suarez: Every weekend we have a themed topping. Last week we were watching Walk the Line, you know about Johnny Cash, so he topped up cashews. It was fun!
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: And did you eat it with a Reese Wither-spoon?

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Well, if I loved a girl, and I knew I had so little time left with her, then every night would be a chance to make a memory. Believe me, if there was any ice cream involved, I would be eating it off her stomach.
Hilda Suarez: Sexy!
Betty Suarez: Gross!
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: I'd take her out to Montauk, with a bottle of wine, and we'd build a fire and sleep on the beach. Or maybe we'd climb the fire escape to the rooftop of The Blue Note and listen to music. Or maybe we'd just go out dancing. 'Cause you never feel closer to a woman than when you're holding her, ya know? So close you can feel her breath on your neck.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Because love doesn't come around often and I'd want to make every second count.

"Ugly Betty: Something Wicked This Way Comes (#2.6)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: [via text messsage] You're about to hear a cough. That's me saying hello.
Henry: [via text messsage] You're about to hear a sneeze. That's me saying hello.
Giovanni: You're about to hear a gag. That's me... gagging.

Betty Suarez: Maybe you could try something catchy. Oh! Like that donut shop downstairs: 'A Hole Lot of Fun'. That just makes me smile!
Giovanni: Yeah yeah yeah! That's also the name of a strip club in Bayside!
Betty Suarez: Eww! And now I know you better...

Giovanni: So, I'm just curious, being your boyfriend and all, am I a gentle lover?
Betty Suarez: Ew! Shut up. I had to tell my boss that I was going out with someone and you were the first guy I saw.
Giovanni: Flattered. So, why are you lying to him?
Betty Suarez: Because, well, I'm dating someone that I don't want Daniel to know about.
Giovanni: Oooh! You're cheating on me? After I was so gentle?

Giovanni: Looks like your boss is trying to put the moves on his mother.
Betty Suarez: That's ridiculous! It's business. He's a total professional.
Giovanni: Yeah,
Giovanni: Professional dog! Check it out! He's trying to do the old Armrest Boob-Graze.

"Ugly Betty: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (#1.18)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: Marc, are these really the answers that are going to convince your mother you're straight?
Marc St. James: Uh, straight guys-mystic tan. Hello, Tom Cruise.

Marc St. James: [going through his story with Betty in order to fool his mother] We met when I made a bet with my friends that I could turn you from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan
Betty Suarez: Marc, that's "She's All That."
Marc St. James: No, in that movie, she actually became beautiful. I felt in love with you because of that whole inner beauty crap.

Betty Suarez: So, Miss Weiner, how did you get started with cat shows?
Mrs. Weiner: I had a hairless sphinx named Mr. Meowington. I entered him in a local cat show. For the talent competition, he flushed a toilet.

"Ugly Betty: Lose the Boss? (#1.9)" (2006)
Betty Suarez: I don't think Daniel is going to go for a baby in chainlink.
Amanda Tanner: It's chainmail.
Betty Suarez: Whatever. If she tries to move, she's going to need first aid

Betty Suarez: You bought us a Christmas tree?
Daniel Meade: Betty, I've thrown up in four rooms of your house. It's the least I could do.

Betty Suarez: Isn't there anything in here that would work for a 6-month-old?
Christina McKinney: No, nothing. Yes, there is. Kate Moss' Spandex dress! No, no, because I'm going to have to take it out a bit.

"Ugly Betty: Fake Plastic Snow (#1.10)" (2006)
[Betty is leaving for a new job and Amanda is trying to get Betty's position as Daniel's assistant]
Betty Suarez: Amanda, look, I need to plan a Mode-worthy party for $500, get Daniel a new assistant and get Justin a signed photo of Lindsey Lohan in two days, I'm kinda busy!
Amanda: Well, today is like, your lucky day. Hire me. You know you wanna.
Betty Suarez: Are you serious? After what you and Daniel have been through?
Amanda: What is the very first thing I ever said to you?
Betty Suarez: [thinks] Are you the "before"?
Amanda: Ok, the second thing.
Betty Suarez: "Are-you-de-liv-er-ing-some-thing?"
Amanda: Whatever.

Amanda: What is the first thing I ever said to you?
Betty Suarez: Are you the 'before'?
Amanda: Okay, the second thing?
Betty Suarez: [gesturing in faux sign language] "Are you de-li-ver-ing something?
Amanda: Whatever

Betty Suarez: You bought us a Christmas tree?
Daniel Meade: Betty, I've thrown up in four rooms of your house. It's the least I could do.

"Ugly Betty: Twenty-Four Candles (#2.14)" (2008)
Gio: Sorry, not quite the birthday you imagined, huh?
Betty Suarez: It's my own fault. I had this stupid fantasy, fireworks, epic romance... like Romeo and Juliet.
Gio: Ah! you know those two ended up dead in a tomb, right?
Betty Suarez: Yeah... But I don't like thinking about that part.
Gio: Fantasies are fun but you live in reality. It's not perfect but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty good.
Betty Suarez: I know. I know. And I'm lucky... except for the part where Henry's leaving me after his baby is born.

Betty Suarez: Whoa! Gio! Your hair!
Gio: Summer's coming, gotta let the head breathe.

"Ugly Betty: Swag (#1.11)" (2007)
Walter: [taking something off a shelf] What? I'm shopping!
Betty Suarez: Walter, you do not have a feminine itch.

Betty Suarez: Walter!
Walter: Wh-what? I'm shopping.
Betty Suarez: No you don't have a feminine itch...

"Ugly Betty: Odor in the Court (#2.12)" (2008)
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: But, come on, the guy is going down there to see his girlfriend. But relax! It's not like... he's going to get her pregnant again!
Betty Suarez: That's disgusting! He would never cheat on me.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Yeah
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: you're right. That's not Eggie's style.
Betty Suarez: His name is not 'Eggie'... it's 'Egg Salad'!!
[loud laughs]
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Betty, are you okay?
Betty Suarez: No. It's Henry... It's Henry.

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: You know, for what it's worth, you smell really good!
Betty Suarez: You smell really good, too.

"Ugly Betty: The Kids Are Alright (#2.17)" (2008)
Betty Suarez: My trophy speaks with a Mexican accent?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: All trophies do!

Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: So, the principal turns to her and says 'Betty Suarez, you're expelled!'
Antonella: No way!
Justin Suarez: Badass!
Betty Suarez: No, it is not badass to be expelled from school so don't go getting any ideas.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: [hugging his sister Antonella] Too late, you're officially a bad influence.

"Ugly Betty: The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe (#1.5)" (2006)
Christina: So go on and flit! Flit!
Betty Suarez: What?
Christina: Flit, it's what butterflies do.
Betty Suarez: Oh, I thought you were swearing at me in Scottish...

Daniel Meade: Don't give me the look.
Betty Suarez: [dressed in a butterfly costume] What look?
Daniel Meade: That look! The all-judging butterfly.

"Ugly Betty: Betty Suarez Land (#3.4)" (2008)
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: You always do this to me. Right when I think I'm out you pull me right back in.
Betty Suarez: Well you know what, Gio? When this is all done you can get back into your 'meaty, cheese van' and drive as far away from 'Betty Suarez Town' as you want.
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: ...'Suarez Land'.

Betty Suarez: Okay! I do not live in 'Betty Suarez Land'...
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Oh, yes, you do! '25 Teddy Bear Lane, Betty Suarez Land, USA'. And if you'd step out of it for one minute you'd realize that it takes two to make a relationship and I am not interested.
Betty Suarez: Well, why not?
Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi: Because you broke my heart!

"Ugly Betty: There's No Place Like Mode (#3.15)" (2009)
Betty Suarez: And so I learned about how you grew up behind the iron curtain, dreaming of a life on the other side of the Berlin wall. And that you lost your father when he got caught trying to escape over the barbed wire. And so even when the wall came down, you still carried that pain. Pain that is always with you even in the clothes you make. Maybe the only way you can imagine escaping is raising giant wings and letting the wind carry you away. Is that right?
Heinrich: [close to tears] Now we will make love!
Betty Suarez: Well. No. Thank you though.

Betty Suarez: I only get two tickets to the mode show this year so we have to decide who's going
Justin Suarez: I get one, or I tell everyone you still love Ricky Martin
Betty Suarez: *gasps* okay
Justin Suarez: I'm sorry I had to play hard ball

"Ugly Betty: A Tree Grows in Guadalajara (#1.22)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: [to her relatives] Yo soy muy embarazada.
Ignacio Suarez: [to Betty] You just told them you're pregnant.
Betty Suarez: Oh no. Baby. No!

"Ugly Betty: Betty's Baby Bump (#2.16)" (2008)
Betty Suarez: What? Something to say?
Charlie: No, I think my water just broke.

"Ugly Betty: The Butterfly Effect: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2009)
Betty Suarez: I don't think I've ever seen a butterfly come out of it's cocoon before.
Olivia: Everyone talks about the miracle of birth. I think re-birth is even more of a miracle.
Betty Suarez: Oh, I think he's struggling.
Olivia: Oh, he can handle it. I suspect caterpillars stay in their cocoon's a little longer than they really need to. It's got to be scary... to change into a whole new thing.
Betty Suarez: Wow. He's so beautiful. Oooh... but the caterpillar's just... gone.
Olivia: Aw... he's still in there. Other people just see the wings... and the colors. I'll always see the caterpillar.

"Ugly Betty: Derailed (#1.16)" (2007)
Amanda Tanen: Grow a pair, Bambi. You've been working here long enough. It is time to seize your inner Mode girl. Mode girls aren't the other woman, we are the only woman. Fight for your little dweeb. Find this chick's weakness and exploit it.
Betty Suarez: Maybe I'm just a bigger person than you.
Amanda Tanen: Well...
Betty Suarez: Don't; it's too obvious.

"Ugly Betty: Chica and the Man (#4.13)" (2010)
Betty Suarez: Hey Amanda, will you hold all my calls? Diego and Victoria are going to be here in 42 minutes and I need every last second to prepare for my interview.
Amanda Tanen: Okay calm down, Betty. Good things come to those who weigh less.

"Ugly Betty: Brothers (#1.15)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: When we were at the spa your mom kept saying that she wanted to go back to happier times, like when you were younger. Is there anywhere special you used to go?
Daniel Meade: Well she used to like taking us to clothing museums.
Alexis Meade: Those were stores dumbass. She just called them museums to get us out of school.

"Ugly Betty: Secretaries Day (#1.21)" (2007)
Betty Suarez: You are such a dork.
Henry: You know you love it.

"Ugly Betty: Queens for a Day (#1.3)" (2006)
Betty Suarez: There has to be something here Christina, a sweater, or a jacket. I just can't walk in there looking like me.
Christina McKinney: You look fine.
Betty Suarez: But you're not Vincent Bianchi. He's expecting one of these 28th floor girls.
Christina McKinney: And since when did you wanna look like them, they're not even real. Real women snort when they laugh, they have fat arses, wobbly upper arms,Fart and get PMS. I thought you wanted to run a magazine some day.
Betty Suarez: Yeah but this job is the only chance I'll ever have at getting there. I was in Daniel's office earlier and he wanted the opinion of a MODE girl. He didn't even look at me. So you honestly think I don't have a future if I don't at least try to change?

"Ugly Betty: Granny Pants (#3.5)" (2008)
Betty Suarez: Wil-hel-mi-na.
Kimmie Keegan: Will-memina!
Betty Suarez: No, no there's a "hell" in it; Wil-HELL-mi-na.
Kimmie Keegan: Hell-memina!

"Ugly Betty: The Box and the Bunny (#1.2)" (2006)
Betty Suarez: You can take my bunny but you can't take my spirit!

"Ugly Betty: Back in Her Place (#4.11)" (2010)
Betty Suarez: I've had to say goodbye more times than I would have liked, but everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we do it, even when it's for the greater good, it still stings. And though we'll never forget what we've given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward. What we can't do, is live our lives always afraid of the next goodbye. Because, chances are, they're not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a goodbye can be a good thing. When it's a chance to start again.

"Ugly Betty: Fey's Sleigh Ride (#1.4)" (2006)
Betty Suarez: Oh, look, here's some of my friends.
Amanda Tanen: Just because we're sharing an elevator, doesn't mean we're friends.
Betty Suarez: Marc, Amanda, this is uh, Justin.
Marc St. James: Oh, so that's pregnancy weight!
[Amanda laughs]
Betty Suarez: Um, no, he's my nephew.
Justin Suarez: [looks down at Amanda's shoes] OH MY GOD! Manolo Blahniks Spring 2004!
Marc St. James: [gasps] Wearing two-year-old shoes! Even I didn't catch that.
[to Betty]
Marc St. James: Definitely not your son.