Tessa Quayle
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Tessa Quayle (Character)
from The Constant Gardener (2005)

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The Constant Gardener (2005)
Tessa Quayle: It's an outrageous thing. It's almost if it's -it's a marriage of convenience- and the only thing it's going to produce is dead offspring.

Tessa Quayle: I thought you spies knew everything.
Tim Donohue: Only God knows everything. He works for Mossad.

Justin Quayle: [Tessa tells Justin to slow down, wanting to drive a woman, her baby, and her brother who are walking 40 kilometers back to his home] We can't involve ourselves in their lives, Tessa.
Tessa Quayle: Why.
Justin Quayle: Be reasonable. There are millions of people, they all need help. It's what the agencies are here for.
Tessa Quayle: Yeah, but these are three people that WE can help.

Tessa Quayle: Sorry, I've just got one question: Whose map is Britain using when it completely ignores the United Nations and decides to invade Iraq?
Tessa Quayle: Or do you think it's more diplomatic to bend the will of a superpower and politely take part in Vietnam the Sequel?

Justin Quayle: Well, ah, I can't speak for Sir Bernard...
Tessa Quayle: Oh, I thought that was why you were here?
[lecture audience laughs]
Justin Quayle: Well, diplomats have to go where they're sent.
Tessa Quayle: So do labradors.
Justin Quayle: [Smiling] Ouch... Well, I think Mr. Bernard would argue that when peaceful means are exhausted...
Tessa Quayle: Exhausted? Mr.Quayle, they're not exactly exhausted, they're just lying in the way of the tanks!

[first lines]
Justin Quayle: Oh, thank you Arnold. I... I can manage that. But I still don't see why you couldn't wait a couple of weeks. Why go all the way up to Loki?
Tessa Quayle: Well, we want to hear Grace Makanga speak, and she won't be coming to Nairobi.

Justin Quayle: Your life is your own. That was always our agreement.
Tessa Quayle: No, no, no. The agreement was, that my *work* was going to be my own. That's what makes me who I am.