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The Psychiatrist (Character)
from The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

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The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
The Psychiatrist: I want you to talk about women.
[waits for a few moments]
The Psychiatrist: Mr. Crown?
Thomas Crown: I'm sorry?
The Psychiatrist: Women. You get to talk about women.
Thomas Crown: Oh, I enjoy women.
The Psychiatrist: Enjoyment isn't intimacy.
Thomas Crown: And intimacy isn't necesarily enjoyment.
The Psychiatrist: How would you know? Has it occured to you that you have a problem with trust?
Thomas Crown: [smirking] I trust myself implicitly.
The Psychiatrist: But can other people trust you?
Thomas Crown: Oh, you mean society at large?
The Psychiatrist: I mean women, Mr.Crown.
Thomas Crown: Yes, a woman could trust me.
The Psychiatrist: Good. Under what extraordinary circumstances would you allow that to happen?
Thomas Crown: A woman could trust me as long as her interests didn't run too contrary to my own.
The Psychiatrist: And society? If ITS interests should run counter to your own?
[Crown smiles]

The Psychiatrist: [laughing] Peter Pan grows up, and discovers there's no place to land!