Stobrod Thewes
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Stobrod Thewes (Character)
from Cold Mountain (2003)

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Cold Mountain (2003)
Stobrod: I wrote several tunes with you in mind - Ruby this, Ruby that, Ruby with the eyes that sparkle.
Ruby: Hey, let's agree. You beat me, you abandoned me, you ignored me, and yet you beat me some more. And all that's better than Ruby with eyes that sparkle.

[Georgia appears with a small, frozen deer]
Georgia: What d'you reckon? Think we could eat this?
Stobrod: You cook something long enough you can eat anything.
Pangle: It's frozen. How long it been there for?
Stobrod: You hungry?
Pangle: Yeah.
Stobrod: Not very long.

Ruby: Unbelieveable. Stobrod Thewes!
Stobrod: Ruby?
[Ruby runs up to him and kicks him, then turns to Ada]
Ruby: That's my daddy!
[storms off]