Claire Spencer
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Claire Spencer (Character)
from What Lies Beneath (2000)

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What Lies Beneath (2000)
Jody: [showing off her new convertible] It's a beautiful thing, alimony. You lose a husband, you get a car. Think it'll help me pick up dudes?
Claire Spencer: [later] Pick up any dudes yet?
Jody: I have one in the trunk!

Claire Spencer: Hello, Doctor Spencer.
Norman: You're not yourself today are you?
Claire Spencer: No, no I'm not.

Claire Spencer: You had an affair with a girl who threatened to kill herself, and now there is a presence in our house. A young, blonde girl. Don't you get it? She did it, Norman. She's dead... and now she's trying to hurt you... or both of us.

Claire Spencer: There's a ghost in my house. I saw her in the water, beside me, in the bathtub.
Psychiatrist: What does she look like?
Claire Spencer: She looked like me. Oh... only she had green eyes.

Norman: I'm going to have the police check on the house while I'm gone.
Claire Spencer: Oh great! "Could you check in on my wife? She's hearing voices!" Yeah, wait until that gets around.

Claire Spencer: Norman, this isn't about you! Something is happening to me. And it's... it's not to get even, and it's not some warped bid for attention. Something is happening in our house, whether you like it or not!

[with the Ouija Board]
Claire Spencer: We wish to commune with the Spirit.
Jody: [laughs]
Claire Spencer: What?
Jody: Heh, "I wish to commune"!
Claire Spencer: Forget it, this whole thing is insane.
Jody: I'm sorry.
Claire Spencer: We wish to communi-CATE with the spirit of Mary Feur.
Jody: Not much happening.
Claire Spencer: Shh!

Norman: Hi, honey. What's going on? What are doing here? Are you okay?
Claire Spencer: I... I... I heard noises. I didn't want to disturb you.
Norman: What kind of noises? Where?
Claire Spencer: At the house. I was scared.

Dr. Stan Powell: Wait until you see this place, it's beautiful.
Claire Spencer: It is beautiful. You'll see it.
Norman: It's haunted.
Elena: No! Is it really?
Norman: Claire's hearing things.
Dr. Stan Powell: What? What are you hearing?
Claire Spencer: I umm... I don't know. I heard, eh voices, whispering, and a picture fell.
Elena: You know, I completely believe in that.
Claire Spencer: You do?
Dr. Stan Powell: I do!

Claire Spencer: You are so brilliant.
Norman: YUP!

[Hearing the neighbors next door]
Claire Spencer: What is he doing to her?
Norman: I guess they are making up.
[starts shutting the window]
Claire Spencer: Wait! Leave it open.
Norman: Do you think we can take them?
Claire Spencer: It's worth a try.
[Norman opens all the windows]

Jody: [on the phone] What's he doing?
Claire Spencer: [on the phone, while spying on the neighbor] Eating dinner alone. TV dinner!
Jody: Oh, that's bad.
[Jody's door bell rings]
Jody: That's my shiatsu guy. Listen, I gotta run. Call me back later, if he starts in on some serial killer desert, like lady fingers!
Claire Spencer: You got it.

Claire Spencer: I think she's startin' to suspect something.
Norman: Who?
Claire Spencer: [face morphs into the ghost] Your wife!

[Claire is concerned about a missing neighbour]
Claire Spencer: She doesn't answer the door, but her car is sitting in the garage
Norman: Maybe she was out. Or in bed with the flu. Or maybe she was abducted by aliens for all we know.

[first lines]
Claire Spencer: Good morning, Beauty. Let's go or we'll never leave on time.
Caitlin Spencer: I'm totally ready.
Claire Spencer: Come on. I'll make you some waffles.

Claire Spencer: She's awake.
Norman: We'll be quiet. Quick and quiet.
Claire Spencer: I don't want to be either.

Claire Spencer: We did a great job. She's a good kid.
Norman: We did.
Claire Spencer: It's just us now.
Norman: I know.

Norman: Jesus, Claire. What the hell are you doing?
Claire Spencer: I was looking...
Norman: Spying.
Claire Spencer: Spying on Mr. Feur.

Claire Spencer: Norman's father had this old stuffy... stately place on a lake.
Norman: Which we're renovating.
Claire Spencer: Practically gutted.
Norman: No, we didn't.
Claire Spencer: Yes, we did.
Norman: "Gutted"?

Claire Spencer: [to Jody] Listen, about our little séance. Norman doesn't need to know.

Claire Spencer: She's dead.
Norman: Who's dead?
Claire Spencer: You know damn well who's dead.

Claire Spencer: "Missing girl". Madison Elizabeth. M-E...

Claire Spencer: Do you remember this?
Norman: It's the girl that disappeared last year.
Claire Spencer: Did you know her?
Norman: No.

Claire Spencer: Hello, Doctor Spencer.
Norman: Mrs. Spencer.
Claire Spencer: Forbidden fruit. You got a problem with that?

Claire Spencer: I want you to answer one question. Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?
Norman: Yes. I had an affair with her. And when I tried to break it off... she became unstable. She came out here to the house. She threatened to kill herself... or you. I didn't think she'd go through with any of it. But then she... She disappeared.

Claire Spencer: [to Norman] Don't touch me. Get away from me! Get out! I said, get out!

Norman: Claire! You alright, Claire?
Claire Spencer: The braid. Where's the braid?

[last lines]
Claire Spencer: Please. Think of Caitlin. Please don't. Please don't.
Norman: Shhh.

Claire Spencer: That girl must be brought up.

Norman: Claire stop! You're overreacting.
Claire Spencer: Don't tell me how to react.
Norman: Will you keep your voice down!
Claire Spencer: I WILL NOT!

Claire Spencer: What? What are you afraid of?
Mary Feur: [hysterical] That one day I'll just, just disappear.