Jimmy Pope
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Jimmy Pope (Character)
from Syriana (2005)

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Syriana (2005)
Jimmy Pope: You dig a six-foot hole and you'll find three bodies. Dig twelve and maybe you'll find forty.

Bennett Holiday: And it is illegal to offer gifts, money, the promise of money or anything of value to influence foreign officials.
Jimmy Pope: Is it? I have personally seen a bill from your law firm to the government of Saudi Arabia for U$36 million. A one-line bill for "services rendered".
Sydney Hewitt: The business of Whitting Sloan is not under discussion at this time.
Jimmy Pope: Well, it ought to be.

Jimmy Pope: No, I wanna talk about the Gulf and how a goddamn Emir... What is an Emir, anyway?
Tommy Barton: King, it's a king.
Jimmy Pope: Well, how some Podunk king tossed you out on your ass! Every company in the world wanted into Kazakhstan, into the Tengiz, but Killen got it. And then Connex wanted Killen, and here we are. I made investments. Investments that'll bear fruit for this company. Hell, Tommy we've all got the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act committed to memory. I got a little copy of it taped to the wall of my head. Right here.

Jimmy Pope: Call me Jimmy.