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Quotes for
Blackheart (Character)
from Ghost Rider (2007)

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Ghost Rider (2007)
Blackheart: My name is Legion. For we are
Blackheart: many.

[outside a biker bar; sees Blackheart walking up]
Motorcycle Gang Member: I think you might be lost, boy. You deaf or something?
Motorcycle Gang Member: [steps in front of Blackheart, stops him from entering] Angels only in there.
Blackheart: Angels. Really?
Motorcycle Gang Member: Yeah, really.
[jabs Blackheart in the chest]
Motorcycle Gang Member: You got a problem with that?
Blackheart: As a matter of fact...
[jabs him the same way, slowly turning him into a blackened corpse; after the biker drops]
Blackheart: I do.

Blackheart: You have his heart, now I'm going to break it.

Blackheart: Listen to me, and try to get this through your thick skull. You don't work for my father anymore, you work for me.

[At a biker bar, Blackheart finds a frightened waitress hiding behind the bar]
Blackheart: I knew you were here. I could smell your fear.
[Blackheart turns the waitress into a withered corpse]

Blackheart: There's an old saying: Raise no more devils than you can lay down. My father raised one too many.

Blackheart: [to priest] Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have sinned a lot.

Ghost Rider: [to Blackheart] Look into my eyes.
Blackheart: [starts screaming, but then laughs] Your Penance stare won't work on me. I've no soul to burn.

Roxanne Simpson: [reading Johnny's books] Jesus.
Blackheart: [appears suddenly as Mack's blackened corpse collapses, responding to Roxanne] Not even close.

Blackheart: I'm not going back
Blackheart: I like it here!

Impound Worker: [Seeing Blackheart and his gang in the train yard] Hey, you can't be here this is private...
[Blackheart and his gang turn around]
Impound Worker: ... property.
Blackheart: There was a cemetery here.
Impound Worker: Uh, yeah a long time ago.
Blackheart: What happened to the graves?
Impound Worker: They moved them.
Blackheart: Who would?
Impound Worker: Saint Bible's church, they're in charge of the whole thing. You really should'nt be here.
Blackheart: That's what they keep telling me.
[Turns the Impound worker into a black corpse]

Blackheart: Where's the contract of San Venganza?
Priest: I don't know what you're talking about.
Blackheart: Don't lie to me! You've been keeping it all these years.
Priest: Sworn to keep it from the likes of you.
Blackheart: There's an old saying, don't raise more demons than you can lay down. My father raised one too many.

Blackheart: My name is Legion, for we are many.

Blackheart: [clapping] Looking for someone?
Ghost Rider: [pointing] Back to Hell!
Blackheart: We're not going to have a meaningful conversation now, are we?
Ghost Rider: You're going down!
Blackheart: I don't think so!