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Caretaker (Character)
from Ghost Rider (2007)

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Ghost Rider (2007)
[from trailer]
Caretaker: The story goes he made a deal to save someone he loved. He'd be normal during the day, but at night, in the presence of evil, the Rider takes over.

Caretaker: [to an exhausted Johnny Blaze] Morning, Bonehead.

Caretaker: Contract of San Venganza.
Caretaker: [Johnny reaches for the Contract, Caretaker pulls it away] Hell on Earth.
Johnny Blaze: Now you're gonna have to trust me.
Caretaker: Why is that?
Johnny Blaze: He may have my soul but he doesn't have my spirit.
Caretaker: Any man that's got the guts to sell his soul for love has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed, you did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side. To them that makes you dangerous, makes you unpredictable. That's the best thing you can be right now.

[last lines]
Caretaker: [voiceover] It's said that the West was built on legends. And that legends are a way of understanding things greater than ourselves. Forces that shape our lives, events that defy explanation. Individuals whose lives soar to the heavens or fall to the earth. This is how legends are born.
[Johnny transforms into Ghost Rider]

[first lines]
Caretaker: [voiceover] It's said that the West was built on legends. Tall tales that help us make sense of things too great or too terrifying to believe. This is the legend of the Ghost Rider.

Caretaker: [voiceover] The thing about legends is... sometimes, they're true.

Caretaker: Sterilize that for me.
[handing over the hooked needle to Johnny Blaze]
Johnny Blaze: Sterilize? Ummm...
[making hand poses toward the hooked needle as if he would sterilize it with his hellfire]
Caretaker: In the boiling water.
Johnny Blaze: Right. Okay. Little confused.

Caretaker: You all right?
Johnny Blaze: Yeah, I'm good. I feel like my skull is on fire, but I'm good.

Caretaker: [Johnny turns around to get his bike] It does.
Johnny Blaze: [turns around] What?
Caretaker: If you're wondering if your bike looks normal, it does. And to answer your next question: last night did happen.
Johnny Blaze: Who are you?
Caretaker: [points at Johnny] Who are you?
Caretaker: [Johnny turns around and walks away; Caretaker calls] You're the Ghost Rider!

Caretaker: San Venganza's 500 miles from here. We'd better get going.
[walks on]
Johnny Blaze: [following the Caretaker] We?
[Caretaker whistles and a black horse comes trotting out of the mist]
Caretaker: I've got one last ride left in me.
[the Caretaker mounts the horse, donning a ten-gallon hat, and transforms into a Ghost Rider]
Johnny Blaze: [grins knowingly] Carter Slade.
[Slade slowly nods his head]
Johnny Blaze: Can YOU keep up?
[Slade's horse transforms into a fiery phantom steed]
Johnny Blaze: Let's ride!
[Johnny mounts his bike, turning into the Ghost Rider]

Johnny Blaze: [Staring at a grave stone titled Carter Slade] Carter Slade?
Caretaker: Legend has it that he's the "Texas Ranger", a man of honor. But then he got greedy, waiting on the gallows.

Caretaker: [Changed back into human, as Johnny is about to head to San Venganza] This is the end of the trail for me. I got nothing left, I could only change one more time and I was saving it for this. God knows I made my share of mistakes. I've been trying to make them right ever since. All I can do is hope he sees fit to give me a second chance.
Johnny Blaze: Thank you.
Caretaker: No. Thank you, kid.
[Caretaker/Slade tips his hat at Johnny and rides off, disappearing]