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Linda (Character)
from The Wedding Singer (1998)

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The Wedding Singer (1998)
Robbie: [Linda shows up for the first time after failing to marry him] You're late.
Linda: [sighs] I'm sorry... I just couldn't do it.
Robbie: Well, if you need more time, I guess I could wait.
Linda: No... I don't need more time, Robbie. I don't ever want to marry you.
Robbie: [takes a deep breath, sighs] Gee, you know that information... really would've been more useful to me *yesterday.*
Linda: I've been talking with my friends the last few days...
Robbie: Oh, boy, here it comes.
Linda: ...and I think I've figured out what's been bothering me. I'm not in love with Robbie, now. I'm in love with Robbie, six years ago. Robbie, the lead singer of Final Warning; I used to come watch you when you were in your silk shirt and Spandex pants, and you would sing into the microphone like you were David Lee Roth.
Robbie: I've still got the Spandex; I'll put 'em on right now.
Linda: The point is, I woke up this morning and realized I'm about to get married to a wedding singer? I am never gonna leave Richfield!
Robbie: Why do you need to leave Richfield? We grew up here. All our friends are here; it's the perfect place to raise a family.
Linda: Oh, yeah - sure! Living in your sister's basement with five kids while you're off every weekends doing wedding gigs at a whoppin' sixty bucks a pop?
Robbie: Once again, things that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!

Julia: You must be Linda.
Linda: Yeah, that's me, Robbie's fiance. Who are you?
Julia: I'm Julia Sullivan. Would you tell him that I came by to see him?
Linda: Oh yeah, surely will, Jennifer.
Julia: Hey, it's Julia -
[Door slams]

Robbie: Hey, psycho, I'm not gonna feel better about this, it's over. Now please get out of my Van Halen T-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.
Linda: Oh, okay, so you're still pissed about that wedding thing?
[screen switches to Linda on the front porch with the door slamming behind her]