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Bradford Webster (Character)
from "The Third Man" (1959)

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"The Third Man: How to Buy a Country (#1.17)" (1959)
Bradford Webster: Mr. Lime, that check I cashed for you yesterday...
Harry Lime: Yes?
Bradford Webster: It bounced.
Harry Lime: What do you mean? It couldn't have.
Bradford Webster: After you left yesterday, I began to get a bit nervous, so I wired the bank in Zurich. The reply advised me to hold that check; it can't be made good.
Harry Lime: I don't understand. I've been dealing with Hoercher for years.
Bradford Webster: Well, Mr. Lime, today is Saturday. If you can't cover that check by Monday, I might find myself behind a window with much stronger bars than a teller's cage.

Louise Hoercher: I want to sell everything and be done with it.
Bradford Webster: That isn't very business-like, Miss Hoercher. I don't approve of it. Mr. Ponti doesn't strike me as the kind of man who buys something he doesn't want; ergo, he wants the shares; ergo, he must have a reason for wanting them; ergo, you shouldn't sell to him before you know his reason.

Harry Lime: Mr. Webster, where have you been all my life?
Bradford Webster: Manhattan National Bank, Lexington Branch, Window 7.

Miss Hidwick: I'm closing.
Bradford Webster: It's seven minutes to three.
Miss Hidwick: It's spring!
Bradford Webster: Today's March 19th; spring doesn't start until the 21st.
Miss Hidwick: Spring comes early for some, never for others.

"The Third Man: A Question in Ice (#5.1)" (1964)
Bradford Webster: Of course, if my confidence can't be respected...
Harry Lime: You can't blame, Luigi. After all, he's never met you.
Bradford Webster: Mr. Lime, you've never told me a single thing about Luigi Carvossa, or why we've been sending him checks for the last 18 years.
Harry Lime: That's right, Brad, I haven't.

[last lines]
Harry Lime: By the way, Miss Muffin called me this morning. She's decided against invading England with her pancakes.
Bradford Webster: Just as well, Mr. Lime, and only fair, too, when you think about it. After all, the English haven't done anything terrible to the United States since the War of 1812.

"The Third Man: The Third Medallion (#1.11)" (1959)
Bradford Webster: You shouldn't be alone with her - she might be dangerous.
Harry Lime: Brad, the only way to be in the majority with a woman is to be alone with her.