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Gordon (Character)
from Solaris (2002)

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Solaris (2002)
Snow: He attacked me. There I am - somehow, there I am - and I couldn't tell you... couldn't tell you how I'm there or who I am or what's going on. But before I can get to that, what's this over here - coming at me? What... what are you trying to do? Oh, I see, you're trying to kill me. Yeah confuse me. I'll tell you about some confusing. How about bingo, there you are. And, whoop, there's my welcoming committee, and you dropped your knife and this is a good night. And, oh, by the way, uh, after all that, I find out, this, uh... whoever this is... get my first good look in, and it happens to be... I survived the first thirty seconds of this life... whatever you want to call it... by killing someone. And, oh, ah, by killing someone who happens to be me. See most people, I would think most people in this position would be like, "This... Ah, hmm... I don't know." However, this is at least, this is an incredible opportunity. This is a... what if this is a... this is a gift? I'm a gift. Hey.
Gordon: I say we use the Higgs device on him.

Chris Kelvin: Why haven't you come home? What happened here? What did you find?
Gordon: Who are you representing, exactly?
Chris Kelvin: I represent the last effort to recover this mission before they abandon this ship and everyone on board.
Gordon: Until it starts happening to you, there's really no point in discussing it.

Chris Kelvin: How about you? How are you doing?
Gordon: Depression along with bouts of hypomania and primary insomnia, suggestions of agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, shock, fatigue, denial.
Chris Kelvin: None of which is unusual given the circumstances.
Gordon: I know.

Gordon: We are in a situation, that is beyond morality.

Chris Kelvin: What about your visitor, the one you're so ready to destroy without hesitation? Who is it? What is it? Does it feel? Can it touch? Does it speak?
Gordon: We are in a situation that is beyond morality.

Gordon: She is not Human! Now I don't know about you, but I feel threatened by that.