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Quotes for
Rheya (Character)
from Solaris (2002)

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Solaris (2002)
Chris Kelvin: Where have you been?
Rheya Kelvin: Away from those fucking people.
Chris Kelvin: They're my friends.
Rheya Kelvin: Yeah.

Rheya Kelvin: I can't remember how I got here. Did I come here with you?
Chris Kelvin: I don't know how you got here.
Rheya Kelvin: What do you mean?
Chris Kelvin: I woke up and you were here.

Rheya Kelvin: Were you alone?
Chris Kelvin: Yes.
Rheya Kelvin: Was that difficult?
Chris Kelvin: It was easier than being with someone else.

Rheya Kelvin: You found me.
Chris Kelvin: I came back for you. I came back that day. I'm sorry

[last lines]
Chris Kelvin: Am I alive, or dead?
Rheya Kelvin: We don't have to think like that any more. We're together now. Everything we've done is forgiven. Everything.

[Speaking for the first time]
Rheya Kelvin: Don't blow it.
Chris Kelvin: [laughs] You start.
Rheya Kelvin: I did.
Chris Kelvin: Really? All right, I'm going to resist the impulse to ask you about the doorknob.
Rheya Kelvin: Do you always resist your impulses?
Chris Kelvin: Not always.
Rheya Kelvin: Try poetry.
Chris Kelvin: And death shall have no dominion...
Rheya Kelvin: Mm, Thomas. It's not a very happy poem, though.
Chris Kelvin: Well, you didn't seem very happy when I saw you on the train.
Rheya Kelvin: [laughs] I wasn't.
Chris Kelvin: And tonight?
Rheya Kelvin: It's early.

[first lines]
[Chris's memories, in voiceover]
Rheya Kelvin: Chris, what is it? I love you so much. Don't you love me anymore?

Rheya Kelvin: [Remembering their apartment] There were no pictures on the walls. I always thought that was strange.

Rheya Kelvin: I'm suicidal because you remember me as suicidal.