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Baron Cesarea (Character)
from Death Takes a Holiday (1934)

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Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
Baron Cesarea: [Corrado is driving the car at full speed] Apparently, my reward for a misspent life is not to be a peaceful death in bed!

Baron Cesarea: [hearing that someone has just narrowly escaped death] Well, it just wasn't time for the Old Man to take him.
Death: [as Prince Sirki]
Death: I beg your pardon! The Old Man?
[realizing the humor in the remark]
Death: [as Prince Sirki] Ah yes... the Old Man!

Baron Cesarea: I think you're all wrong to be afraid. I talked to him about dying, and he said "Has it ever occurred to you that Death may be simpler than Life and infinitely more kind?"
Duke Lambert: He said that?
Baron Cesarea: Yes... and when he spoke, I had a curious feeling that somehow he knew.