Susan Parrish
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Susan Parrish (Character)
from Meet Joe Black (1998)

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Meet Joe Black (1998)
Susan Parrish: Love, passion, obsession, all those things you told me to wait for, well, they've arrived. What are you afraid of, Dad? That I'll fall head over heels for Joe? Well, I have.

Susan Parrish: Tell me you love me now.
Joe Black: I love you now. I love you always.

Susan Parrish: What will we do now?
Joe Black: It will come to us.

Susan Parrish: Do you love making love to me?
Joe Black: Yes
Susan Parrish: More than peanut butter?
Joe Black: Yes. Much more.

Susan Parrish: So tell me Joe... How come a man as attractive, intelligent, well-spoken... diffident in the most seductive way, and yet... powerful... is all alone in this world?

Susan Parrish: I wish... you could have known my father.

William Parrish: I want you to know how much I love you, that you've given a meaning to my life that I had no right to expect, that no one can ever take from me.
Susan Parrish: Dad...
William Parrish: No! I love you so much. And I want you to promise me something. I don't want you to ever worry about me. And if anything should happen, I'm gonna be okay. And everything's gonna be all right. And I have no regrets. And I want you to feel the same way.
Susan Parrish: I love you, Daddy.
William Parrish: That's why it's okay.

Joe Black: I would like it if we were friends.
Susan Parrish: I've got plenty of friends.
Joe Black: I don't have any.
Susan Parrish: Well, I can see why.

Susan Parrish: My mom always said you could set your heart by that clock.

William Parrish: It's not what you say about Drew, it's what you don't say.
Susan Parrish: Maybe you're not listening.
William Parrish: Oh yes, I am. There's not an ounce of excitement. Not a whisper of a thrill. This relationship has all the passion of a pair of tit mice. I want you to get swept away out there. I want you to levitate. I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a Dervish.
Susan Parrish: Oh, that's all?
William Parrish: Yeah. Be deliriously happy or at least leave yourself open to be.
Susan Parrish: Okay. Be deliriously happy. I shall... uhh... I shall do my utmost.
William Parrish: I know it's a cornball thing, but love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can't live without. I say fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy, and who'll love you the same way back. How do you you find 'em? Well, you forget your head and you listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Because the truth is, honey, there's no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven't lived a life at all. But you have to try, because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived.

Susan Parrish: So you're a one-girl guy?
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Yes, I am. That's right. Looking for her right now actually. Who knows, you might be her.

Young Man in Coffee Shop: Listen, could I buy you a cup of coffee?
Susan Parrish: Um, I have some patients coming and so I should probably go.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Yeah, I gotta get up to the apartment and get off to work. But I'd still like to have another cup of coffee. Would you let me do that?
Susan Parrish: Well, yeah, um, okay.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Deal.
[reaches over the counter for the coffee pot and pours coffee for her and himself]

Young Man in Coffee Shop: If you and I were married, I would want to give you what you need, that's all. I'm talking about taking care of each other as best you can. What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you.
Susan Parrish: Well you'll have a hard time finding a woman like that these days.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Shoot, you think so?
Susan Parrish: Mm-hmm.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: I don't know. Lightning could strike.

Young Man in Coffee Shop: You know I was thinking, I don't want you to be my doctor. I don't want you to examine me.
Susan Parrish: Why?
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Because I like you so much.
Susan Parrish: And I- I don't want to examine you.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: You don't? Why not?
Susan Parrish: Because I like you so much.