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Quotes for
Wingo (Character)
from Cars (2006)

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Cars (2006) (VG)
Boost: [Lightning arrives at an intersection in Tailfin Pass to find the Deliquent Road Hazards blocking the road] Sorry, chief. Road's closed.
Lightning McQueen: [looks behind the group] Looks okay to me.
DJ: [with his music playing] Nah. He means it's closed to you.
Lightning McQueen: What's that? I can't hear you.
DJ: I said it's closed to you!
Lightning McQueen: Nope. Still gettin' nothing.
Wingo: [DJ shuts off his music] He said get lost, pal!
Lightning McQueen: Oh what, are you gonna slice and dice me with your spoiler?
DJ: Hey, wait a...
Lightning McQueen: Tell you what, subwoofer, three laps oughta settle this. Me, you, and your little tweeter friends. When I win, you let me pass.
[addresses Boost]
Lightning McQueen: Oh, and you can throw in one of your boost canisters. Seriously, do you really need that much boost?
Boost: [revs toward Lightning] Okay. Let's do this.

Cars (2006)
Snotrod: Ah...
Boost: Oh, no. Snot Rod!
Snotrod: Aaah...
Wingo: He's gonna blow!
Snotrod: AH-CHOO!
Mack: [startled awake] Oh! Gesundheit!