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Quotes for
Luigi (Character)
from Cars (2006)

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Cars (2006)
[McQueen is going to surprise Sally with his new look]
Mater: Here she comes!
Lightning McQueen: Okay, places, everybody! Hurry! Act natural.
[McQueen hides and everybody else gets in a perfectly straight line as Sally approaches]
Mater, Ramone, Flo, Luigi, Sarge, Fillmore: Hi, Sally!
Sally: All right, what's going on?

Lightning McQueen: I'm a very famous race car!
Luigi: You are famous race car? A real race car?
Lightning McQueen: Yes, I'm a real race car, what do you think? Look at me.
Luigi: I have followed racing my entire life, my whole life!
Lightning McQueen: Then you know who I am. I am Lightning McQueen.
Luigi: Lightning McQueen!
Lightning McQueen: Yes! Yes!
Luigi: I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high. Do you know many Ferraris?
Lightning McQueen: No, no, no, they race on the European circuit; I'm in the Piston cup.
[Luigi and Guido frown at McQueen]
Lightning McQueen: What?
Luigi: Luigi follow only the Ferraris.

Lightning McQueen: All right, Luigi, give me the best set of black walls you've got.
Luigi: No, no, no! You don't know what you want! Luigi know what you want. Black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires, they say look at me, here I am, love me.
Lightning McQueen: All right, you're the expert. Oh, and don't forget the spare.
Luigi: Perfecto. Guido!
Guido: Pit Stop!
Luigi: He ha ha, what did Luigi tell you, eh?
Lightning McQueen: Wow, you were right, better then a Ferrari, huh?
Luigi: Eh, no.

Luigi: My friend Guido, he always dream of giving a real race car a pit stop.
Guido: Peet stop?
Lightning McQueen: Hey, it's only one lap, guys. Uno lappo. Don't need any help. I work solo mio.
Luigi: Fine. Race your own way.
[leaves; Guido stays]
Lightning McQueen: No pit stoppo. Comprende?
Guido: Okay.

Luigi: On your marks, get set... uno for the money, due for the show, tre to get ready, and quattro to... I can't believe it... go!

Luigi: Oh, oh, oh, oh, I like your style. You drive the hard bargain, eh? OK, we make you a new deal. You buy one tire, I give you three for free!

Luigi: This is it, my last offer: you buy one tire, I give you seven snow tires for free!

Sheriff: All rise! The honorable Doc Hudson presiding!
[Ramone lifts himself up ten feet in the air]
Luigi: Show-off.

Luigi: You broke-a the road. You a very bad car!

Michael Schumacher Ferrari: Ciao. Hi. Lightning McQueen told me this was the best place in the world to get tires. How about setting me and my friends up with three or four sets each?
Luigi: Aah! Guido! There is a real Michael Schumacher Ferrari in my store! A real Ferrari! Punch me, Guido! Punch me in the face! This is the most glorious day of my life!
[Luigi faints and tips over]
Michael Schumacher Ferrari: Wow.
[in Italian]
Michael Schumacher Ferrari: Spero che il tuo amico si riprenda. Mi dicono che siete fantastici.
[I hope that your friend recovers. I was told that you are fantastic]
Guido: [Guido faints and tips over]

Guido: [at the final Piston Cup race, Guido cheers Lightning on] Vai! Vai, vai!
[Go! Go, go!]
Wide Chick Pitty: Hey, shrimpie, where did McQueen find you, huh? Those round things are called tires, and they go under the car!
[the entire pit crew laughs]
Guido: [shaking his forklift] Con chi credi di parlare? Ma, con chi stai parlando?
[Who do you think you're talking about? But, who are you talking about?]
Luigi: No! No, no! You'll have your chance, Guido, you will have your chance!

Cars 2 (2011)
Luigi: [at the Tokyo party, Lightning, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Sarge, and Fillmore descend a spiral ramp] Guido, look! Ferraris AND tires! Let's go!
Lightning McQueen: Oh ho ho! Look at this! Okay, now Mater, remember - best behavior.
Mater: You got it, buddy. Hey! What's that?
[drives off]
Lightning McQueen: No, Mater!
Lewis Hamilton: [offscreen] Hey, McQueen! Over here!
Lightning McQueen: [Lightning joins them] Lewis!
Lewis Hamilton: Hey, man.
Lightning McQueen: Jeff!
Jeff Gorvette: Hey, Lightning! Can you believe this party?
Mater: [drives over to a small isolated room with glass walls on all sides, with a zen garden and zen master inside; he taps on the glass with his hook] Hey! you done good, you got all the leaves!
Jeff Gorvette: Check out that tow truck!
Lewis Hamilton: Man, I wonder who that guy's with.
Lightning McQueen: Uh, heh heh. Will you guys excuse me for one little second?
[heads towards Mater]

Mater: [voice-over reading his letter] "By the time you read this, I'll be safely on an airplane flying home. I'm so sorry for what I did..."
Lightning McQueen: [reading Mater's letter in the hotel lobby] "... I don't want to be the cause of you losing any more races. I want you to go prove to the world what I already know: that you are the greatest race car in the whole wide world. Your best friend, Mater."
Lightning McQueen: [looks up] I didn't really want him to leave.
Luigi: Wait, there's more here...
Luigi: [moves to next page] "P.S. Please tell the hotel I didn't mean to order that movie. I thought it was just a preview and I didn't realize I was paying for it."
[shifts the page]
Luigi: "P.P.S. That's funny right there."
[Shifts the pages around]
Luigi: "P.P..." There's a few more pages of P.S.'s here.
Lightning McQueen: Well, at least I know if he's at home, he'll be safe.

Mater: What's a rendezvous?
Luigi: It's like a date.
Mater: A date?
Lightning McQueen: Mater, what's going on?
Mater: Well, what's going on is I've got me a date tomorrow.
Luigi: [Guido speaks Italian] Guido don't believe you.
Mater: Well, believe it. My new girlfriend just said so. Hey, there she is. Hey! Hey lady! See ya tomorrow!
Luigi: [Guido speaks Italian] Guido still don't believe you.

Cars (2006) (VG)
[Lightning hits Luigi]
Luigi: Hey, I'm a telling my Mama!