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Lightning McQueen (Character)
from Cars (2006)

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Cars (2006)
Lightning McQueen: I'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.
Mater: You hurt your what?

Lightning McQueen: I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand.

Mater: What's your name?
Lightning McQueen: You... you don't know my name?
Mater: No, uh... no, I know your name. Is your name Mater too?

[McQueen is going to surprise Sally with his new look]
Mater: Here she comes!
Lightning McQueen: Okay, places, everybody! Hurry! Act natural.
[McQueen hides and everybody else gets in a perfectly straight line as Sally approaches]
Mater, Ramone, Flo, Luigi, Sarge, Fillmore: Hi, Sally!
Sally: All right, what's going on?

Lightning McQueen: Turn right to go left! Guess what? I tried it, and you know what? This crazy thing happened - I went right!
Lizzie: You keep talkin' to yourself, people will think you're crazy.
Lightning McQueen: [sarcastically] Thanks for the tip!
Lizzie: Uh - what? I wasn't talking to you!

Dusty Rust-eze: Thanks to you, Lightning, we had a banner year!
Rusty Rust-eze: I mean, we might even clear enough to buy you some headlights!
Dusty Rust-eze: Are you saying he doesn't have headlights?
Rusty Rust-eze: That's what I'm tellin' ya - it's just stickers!
Lightning McQueen: [bored] Well, you know, race cars don't need headlights, because the track is always lit.
Dusty Rust-eze: Well, so is my brother, but he still needs headlights!

The King: Hey, buddy. You're one gutsy racer.
Lightning McQueen: Oh, hey, Mr. The King.
The King: You got more talent in one lugnut than a lot of cars has got on their whole body.
Lightning McQueen: Really? Oh, that -...
The King: But you're stupid.
Lightning McQueen: Excuse me?

Harv: Where are you? I can't even find you on my GPS.
Lightning McQueen: I'm in this little town called Radiator Springs. You know Route 66? It's still here!
Harv: Yeah, that's great, kid. Playtime is over, pal.

[first lines]
Lightning McQueen: Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One winner, forty-two losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should have had breakfast? Brekkie could be good for me. No, no, no, focus. Speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning.

Lightning McQueen: I'm a very famous race car!
Luigi: You are famous race car? A real race car?
Lightning McQueen: Yes, I'm a real race car, what do you think? Look at me.
Luigi: I have followed racing my entire life, my whole life!
Lightning McQueen: Then you know who I am. I am Lightning McQueen.
Luigi: Lightning McQueen!
Lightning McQueen: Yes! Yes!
Luigi: I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high. Do you know many Ferraris?
Lightning McQueen: No, no, no, they race on the European circuit; I'm in the Piston cup.
[Luigi and Guido frown at McQueen]
Lightning McQueen: What?
Luigi: Luigi follow only the Ferraris.

Lightning McQueen: All right, Luigi, give me the best set of black walls you've got.
Luigi: No, no, no! You don't know what you want! Luigi know what you want. Black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires, they say look at me, here I am, love me.
Lightning McQueen: All right, you're the expert. Oh, and don't forget the spare.
Luigi: Perfecto. Guido!
Guido: Pit Stop!
Luigi: He ha ha, what did Luigi tell you, eh?
Lightning McQueen: Wow, you were right, better then a Ferrari, huh?
Luigi: Eh, no.

Luigi: My friend Guido, he always dream of giving a real race car a pit stop.
Guido: Peet stop?
Lightning McQueen: Hey, it's only one lap, guys. Uno lappo. Don't need any help. I work solo mio.
Luigi: Fine. Race your own way.
[leaves; Guido stays]
Lightning McQueen: No pit stoppo. Comprende?
Guido: Okay.

Lightning McQueen: I need to get to California pronto. Where am I?
Mater: Where are ya? Shoot! You're in Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County.

Mater: [Out tractor tipping] I tell you what, buddy, it just don't get better than this.
Lightning McQueen: Yep, you're living the dream, Mater boy.

Sally: Do you want to stay at the Cozy Cone or what?
Lightning McQueen: Huh?
Sally: I mean, if you do, you gotta be clean, because even here, in hillbilly hell, we have standards.

Mater: You know, I once knew this girl Doreen. Good-looking girl. Looked just like a Jaguar, only she was a truck! You know, I used to crash into her just so I could speak to her.
Lightning McQueen: What... are you talking about?
Mater: I dunno.

Lightning McQueen: I thought you said you'd never come back.
Doc Hudson: Well, I really didn't have a choice. Mater didn't get to say goodbye.
Mater: GOODBYE! Okay, I'm good.

Mia: I'm Mia!
Tia: I'm Tia!
Mia, Tia: We're like your biggest fans!
[they flash their headlights at him]
Mia, Tia: Ka-chow!
Lightning McQueen: Oh, I love being me.

Lightning McQueen: Mack, thanks for being my pit crew today.
Mack: Ah, don't worry about it, kid. It's the least I could do. After all, gas can is my middle name.
Lightning McQueen: It is?
Mack: Eh, not really.

Lightning McQueen: Oh, I am SO not taking you to dinner.
Sally: That's OK, Stickers. You can take Bessie.
Mater: Oh, man, you get to work with Bessie! I'd give my left two lugnuts for somethin' like that!

Lightning McQueen: Wow, this organic fuel is great! Why haven't I heard about it before?
Fillmore: It's a conspiracy, man! The oil companies got a grip on the government. They're feeding us a bunch of lies, man!

Mater: [after Lightning loses the case and is sentenced to repair the road] Hey, I know this may be a bad time right now, but you owe me $32,000 in legal fees.
Lightning McQueen: What?

Doc Hudson: I'll put it simple: if you're going hard enough left, you'll find yourself turning right.
Lightning McQueen: Oh, right. That makes perfect sense. Turn right to go left. Yes, thank you! Or should I say No, thank you, because in Opposite World, maybe that really means thank you.

Lightning McQueen: How will I ever find anyone else who knows how to fill me up with gas? Adios, Chuck!
Not Chuck: And my name is not Chuck!
Lightning McQueen: Oh, whatever.

Lightning McQueen: In your dreams, Thunder.
Chick Hicks: Yeah, right. Thunder? What's he talkin' about, Thunder?
Lightning McQueen: Well, you know, because Thunder always comes after... Lightning!
[reporters crowd around McQueen]
Chick Hicks: [to his pitcrew] Who here knew about the Thunder thing?

Lightning McQueen: [about Red, who just ran away after McQueen asked a favor of him] Where's he going?
Mater: Oh, he's just a little bit shy, and he hates you for killin' his flowers.

Lightning McQueen: [about Doc] Crazy grandpa car.

Lightning McQueen: [to Sally] Shall we cruise?
Lizzie: [appears from nowhere] Why, thank you, dear, I'd love to!
Lightning McQueen: No, not...
[Lizzie drags McQueen away]

Doc Hudson: All right, I wanna know who's responsible for wrecking my town, Sheriff. I want his hood on a platter! I'm gonna put him in jail 'til he rots. No, check that... I'm gonna put him in jail 'til the jail rots on top of him, then I'm gonna move him to a new jail and let that jail rot. I'm...
[Doc finally spots Lightning]
Doc Hudson: Throw him outta here, Sheriff! I want him out of my courtroom, I want him out of our town! Case dismissed!
Lightning McQueen: Yes!
Mater: Boy, I'm pretty good at this lawyerin' stuff!

Mater: My name is Mater.
Lightning McQueen: Mater?
Mater: Yeah, like tuh-mater, but without the "tuh."

Sally: Hey there, Mater.
Mater: Howdy, Sally!
Sally: Hi, folks!
[crowd murmuring greetings back]
Lightning McQueen: [to Mater] You know her?
Mater: She's the town attorney - and my fiancée.
Lightning McQueen: What?
Mater: [nudges McQueen playfully] I'm just kiddin'. She jus' likes me for my body.

Lightning McQueen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey! Who's touching me?
[Guido pops up]

Lightning McQueen: Do I spy a little pinstriping tattoo back there?
Sally: [gasps and backs away, knocking over a bunch of caution cones] Oh, that. You saw that?

[repeated line]
Lightning McQueen: Ka-chow!

Sally: So, Stickers. Last one to Flo's buys?
Lightning McQueen: Oh, I don't know. I thought we could just go for a drive.
Sally: Hmmmm... No.
[races off]
Lightning McQueen: Yeah! Ka-chow!
[follows after Sally]

Lightning McQueen: [at the Rust-eze post-race event, in a bored monotone] You know, the Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment team ran a great race today. And remember: with a little Rust-eze - and an insane amount of luck - you too can look like me. Ka-chow.

Lightning McQueen: [Sheriff is following him] Oh, no. Oh, maybe he can help me!
[Loud bangs are heard]
Lightning McQueen: He's shooting at me! Why is he shooting at me?
[the bangs are actually Sheriff's tailpipe backfiring]
Sheriff: I haven't gone this fast in years. I'm gonna blow a gasket or somethin'.

Lightning McQueen: Officer, talk to me, babe. How long is this gonna take? I gotta get to California, pronto.
Sheriff: Where's your lawyer?
Lightning McQueen: I don't know. Tahiti, maybe? He's got a time share there.
Sheriff: When the defendant has no lawyer, the court will assign one to him. Hey, anyone wants to be his lawyer?
[Everyone backs up except Mater]
Mater: Shoot, I'll do it, Sheriff!

Lightning McQueen: [Tar falls on his bolt sticker] Aw, man, that's just great!
Mater: Hey, what's wrong?
Lightning McQueen: My lucky sticker's all dirty.
Mater: Ah, that ain't nothin'. I'll clean it for ya.
[Starts snorting and hacking]
Lightning McQueen: No, no, no, no! That won't be necessary.

Lightning McQueen: Doc, hold it! Seriously, your driving's incredible!
Doc Hudson: Wonderful. Now go away.
Lightning McQueen: Hey, I mean it. You've still got it!
Doc Hudson: I'm asking you to leave.
Lightning McQueen: Come on. I'm a racecar, you're... a much older racecar, but under the hood, you and I are the same.
Doc Hudson: We are not the same! Understand? Now, get out!
Lightning McQueen: How could a car like you quit at the top of your game?
Doc Hudson: You think I quit?
[Turns a light on a framed newspaper headline: "CRASH! Hudson Hornet out for season"]
Lightning McQueen: Right. Your big wreck in '54.
Doc Hudson: They quit on me. When I finally got put together, I went back expecting a big welcome. You know what they said? "You're history." Moved right on to the next rookie standing in line. There was a lot left in me. I never got a chance to show 'em. I keep that to remind me never to go back. I just never expected that that world would... would find me here.
Lightning McQueen: Hey, look, Doc, I'm not them.
Doc Hudson: Oh yeah?
Lightning McQueen: No, I'm not.
Doc Hudson: When was the last time you cared about something except yourself, hot rod? You name me one time and I will take it all back. Uhuh, Didn't think so. These are good folk around here, who care about one another. I don't want 'em depending on someone they can't count on.
Lightning McQueen: Oh like you? You've been here how long and your friends don't even know who you are? Who's caring about only himself?
Doc Hudson: Just finish that road and get outta here!

The King: What are you doin', kid?
Lightning McQueen: I think the King should finish his last race.
The King: You just gave up the Piston Cup, you know that?
Lightning McQueen: Ah. This grumpy old race car I know once told me somethin': it's just an empty cup.

Lightning McQueen: Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer.

Lightning McQueen: [Bursts into Doc's clinic] Hey, have you seen the Sheriff?
[Sees Sheriff on the hydraulic lift, his undercarriage exposed]
Lightning McQueen: Oh! Oh, my gosh!
Doc Hudson: What are you doin'?
Sheriff: Get a good peek, city boy?
Lightning McQueen: I-I just needed my daily gas ration from the Sheriff.
Doc Hudson: Well, wait for him at Flo's. Now, get out of here.
Lightning McQueen: I've been trying to get out of here for three days!
Sheriff: Hope you enjoyed the show!

Lightning McQueen: Will you stop that?
Mater: Stop what?
Lightning McQueen: That driving backwards. It's creeping me out. You're gonna wreck or something.
Mater: Wreck? Shoot! I'm the world's best backwards driver! Just watch this right here, lover boy.

Sally: Just passin' through?
Lightning McQueen: Actually, I thought I'd stop and stay awhile. I hear this place is back on the map.
Sally: It is?
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, there's some rumor floating around that some hotshot Piston Cup racecar is setting up his big racing headquarters here.
Sally: Really? Ah, well, there goes the town.

Mater: I knew it! I knowed I made a good choice!
Lightning McQueen: In what?
Mater: My bes' friend.

Lightning McQueen: [seeing Sally for the first time] Holy Porsche...

Lightning McQueen: After a while, why didn't you go back?
Sally: I fell in love.
Lightning McQueen: [disappointed] Oh...
Sally: Yep.
Lightning McQueen: Corvette?

Lightning McQueen: [to Minny and Van, who are leaving] I'm telling you, you gotta help me! Don't leave me here! I'm in hillbilly hell! My IQ's dropping by the second! I'm becoming one of them!

Lightning McQueen: I'm serious! He's won three Piston Cups!
Mater: [spits out fuel] He did WHAT in his cup?

Sally: Forty years ago, that interstate down there didn't exist.
Lightning McQueen: Really?
Sally: Yeah. Back then, cars came across the country a whole different way.
Lightning McQueen: How do you mean?
Sally: Well, the road didn't cut through the land like that interstate. It moved with the land, it rose, it fell, it curved. Cars didn't drive on it to make great time. They drove on it to have a great time.

Lightning McQueen: Okay, you got me out here. Where are we going?
Sally: I don't know.

Doc Hudson: [Doc and Lightning are racing in the dirt] Yeeehaa! Well, you sure ain't no dirt boy.
Lightning McQueen: Not today, old man. I know all your tricks.
[Doc suddenly swerves off screen]
Lightning McQueen: [looking for him] Doc! Doc?
Doc Hudson: [Flies over Lightning] YEEEHAAAAA! Not ALL my tricks, rookie!

[Lightning's done a sloppy job of repaving the road]
Sally: It looks terrible.
Lightning McQueen: Well it matches the rest of the town.

Lightning McQueen: Whoa, whoa, whoa! How long is this gonna take?
Doc Hudson: Well, if the fella does it right, it should be about five days.
Lightning McQueen: Five days? But I should be in California shmoozing Dinoco right now!
Doc Hudson: Then if I were you, I'd quit yappin' and start workin'!

Lightning McQueen: Harv! How you doin', buddy?
Harv: My star client disappears off the face of the earth! How do you think I'm doing?
Lightning McQueen: Harv,I can explain.
Harv: I'm doing great! You're everywhere! TV, radio, the papers. You can't BUY this kind of publicity! What do you need me for? That's just a figure of speech, by the way. You signed a contract.

Doc Hudson: The sign says "Keep Out".
Lightning McQueen: You have three Piston Cups! How could you have...
Doc Hudson: I knew you couldn't drive. I didn't think you couldn't read.
Lightning McQueen: You're the Hudson Hornet!
Doc Hudson: Wait over at Flo's like I told ya.
Lightning McQueen: I can't believe I didn't see it before. You're the Fabulous Hudson Hornet! You hold the record for most wins in a single season. Oh, man, we gotta talk. You have to show me some of your tricks.
Doc Hudson: I already tried that.
Lightning McQueen: I can't believe it. Just look at those trophies!
Doc Hudson: You look. All I see is a bunch of empty cups.

Lightning McQueen: [to a Peterbilt] Hey, you're not Mack!
Peterbilt: Mack? I ain't no Mack, I'm a Peterbilt for dang sake! Turn on your lights, ya moron!

Lightning McQueen: You know, I've really missed you Sally.
Sally: Well, I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand, and blah blah blah blah...
[Both lean in to kiss]
Mater: McQueen and Sally, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S- uh... I-N-T!
Lightning McQueen: Great timing, Mater!

Lightning McQueen: [to Red the fire truck] Hey! Hey, big fella! Yeah, you in the red! I could use a little hose down. Help me wash this off.
[Red backs away nervously]
Lightning McQueen: Where's he goin'?
Mater: Oh, he's just a little bit shy, and he hates ya for killin' his flowers.

Cars 2 (2011)
Lightning McQueen: [on the starting line of the Tokyo race] Speed. I am speed.
Francesco Bernoulli: Ha ha ha! Really? You are speed? Then Francesco is TRIPLE speed! "Francesco... he's triple speed!" Ho oh! Francesco likes this McQueen! He's a really getting him into the zone!
Lightning McQueen: [to himself] He is sooo getting beat today...

Uncle Topolino: Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro.
Lightning McQueen: What does that mean?
Mama Topolino: "Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure."

Francesco Bernoulli: [at the Tokyo World Grand Prix party, Francesco spots Lightning] Ah! Lightning McQueen! Bona seda!
Lightning McQueen: Uh, nice to meet you, Francesco.
Francesco Bernoulli: Yes, nice to meet you too. You are very good looking. Not as good as I thought, but you're good!
Mater: 'Scuse me, can I get a picture with you?
[drives next to Francesco]
Francesco Bernoulli: Ah, anything for McQueen's friend.
Mater: Miss Sally is gonna flip when she sees this!
[Lightning sighs]
Mater: She's Lightning McQueen's girlfriend.
Francesco Bernoulli: Ooh...
Mater: She's a big fan of yers.
Francesco Bernoulli: Hey, she has a-good taste.
Lightning McQueen: Well, Mater's prone to exaggeration; I wouldn't say she's a "big fan".
Mater: You're right. She's a HUGE fan! She goes on and on about your open wheels here.
[He taps Francesco's left front wheel]
Lightning McQueen: Well, mentioning it once doesn't qualify as going "on and on".
Francesco Bernoulli: Francesco is familiar with this... reaction to Francesco. Women respect a car that has a-nothing to hide.
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, uh...
[fake-laughs and shakes his frame "no" while falsely smiling]

Luigi: [at the Tokyo party, Lightning, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Sarge, and Fillmore descend a spiral ramp] Guido, look! Ferraris AND tires! Let's go!
Lightning McQueen: Oh ho ho! Look at this! Okay, now Mater, remember - best behavior.
Mater: You got it, buddy. Hey! What's that?
[drives off]
Lightning McQueen: No, Mater!
Lewis Hamilton: [offscreen] Hey, McQueen! Over here!
Lightning McQueen: [Lightning joins them] Lewis!
Lewis Hamilton: Hey, man.
Lightning McQueen: Jeff!
Jeff Gorvette: Hey, Lightning! Can you believe this party?
Mater: [drives over to a small isolated room with glass walls on all sides, with a zen garden and zen master inside; he taps on the glass with his hook] Hey! you done good, you got all the leaves!
Jeff Gorvette: Check out that tow truck!
Lewis Hamilton: Man, I wonder who that guy's with.
Lightning McQueen: Uh, heh heh. Will you guys excuse me for one little second?
[heads towards Mater]

Lightning McQueen: Look, Mater, we're not in Radiator Springs.
Mater: You're just noticing that? Boy, that jet lag really done a number on you.

Sally: [Sees Fransisco on television] He's so good looking, what, with those big, open wheels...
Lightning McQueen: Wait, what do you got against fenders?
Sally: Nothing! Nothing.
Lightning McQueen: What's wrong with my fenders?

[Mater has exposed the head of the lemon gang and saved the day]
Lightning McQueen: It's official. You're coming to all my races from now on.
Mater: Now you're talkin'.
[the two friends give each other a "high-wheel"]

Mater: [voice-over reading his letter] "By the time you read this, I'll be safely on an airplane flying home. I'm so sorry for what I did..."
Lightning McQueen: [reading Mater's letter in the hotel lobby] "... I don't want to be the cause of you losing any more races. I want you to go prove to the world what I already know: that you are the greatest race car in the whole wide world. Your best friend, Mater."
Lightning McQueen: [looks up] I didn't really want him to leave.
Luigi: Wait, there's more here...
Luigi: [moves to next page] "P.S. Please tell the hotel I didn't mean to order that movie. I thought it was just a preview and I didn't realize I was paying for it."
[shifts the page]
Luigi: "P.P.S. That's funny right there."
[Shifts the pages around]
Luigi: "P.P..." There's a few more pages of P.S.'s here.
Lightning McQueen: Well, at least I know if he's at home, he'll be safe.

[McQueen is showing Mater his latest Piston Cup, which has been renamed in honor of Doc Hudson, who is implied to have passed away]
Mater: Wow. I can't believe they renamed the Piston Cup after our very own Doc Hudson.
Lightning McQueen: I know Doc said these things were just old cups, but to have someone else win it just didn't feel right, you know?
[McQueen looks sadly at the newspaper article depicting Doc winning his third Piston Cup]
Mater: Well, Doc would've been real proud of you. That's for sure.
[McQueen gives Mater a smile of thanks]

Lightning McQueen: [as a crowd gathers around the television] Oh, it's the Italian Formula car. His name is...
Sally: [trilling the R's] Francesco Bernoulli. No wonder there's a crowd.
Lightning McQueen: Wait, why do you know his name? And don't say it like that. It's three syllables, not ten!

Mater: What's a rendezvous?
Luigi: It's like a date.
Mater: A date?
Lightning McQueen: Mater, what's going on?
Mater: Well, what's going on is I've got me a date tomorrow.
Luigi: [Guido speaks Italian] Guido don't believe you.
Mater: Well, believe it. My new girlfriend just said so. Hey, there she is. Hey! Hey lady! See ya tomorrow!
Luigi: [Guido speaks Italian] Guido still don't believe you.

Lightning McQueen: [driving on train tracks into a tunnel] Mater?
Mater: Relax. These tracks ain't been used in years.
[train horn sounds]

Lightning McQueen: The bad guys hit me with the beam from the camera, so, why didn't I... you know.
Mater: Explode in a fiery inferno?
Lightning McQueen: Yeah.
Finn McMissile: We couldn't figure that one out, either.
Holley Shiftwell: Our investigation proved that Allinol was actually gasoline, and Axelrod engineered it so that when it got hit by the beam, it would explode.
Lightning McQueen: Wait a second, Fillmore. You said my fuel was safe.
Fillmore: If you're implying that I switched out that rot-gut excuse for alternative fuel with my all natural sustainable organic bio-fuel, just because I never trusted Axelrod, you're dead wrong man...
[points to Sarge]
Fillmore: It was him.
Sarge: Once big oil, always big oil... man.

Cars (2006) (VG)
Filmore: So, turn right to go left, right?
Lightning McQueen: Uh, yeah.
Filmore: Whoa. Deep.

Fletcher: Now, why gold, my dear boy?
El Guapo: This is all about the winning. You cannot take first place if you do not look the part.
Fletcher: Oh? And what makes you think you can best us in the next competition?
El Guapo: Easy. I see you have silver on your rims.
Lightning McQueen: He's got a point there.

Lightning McQueen: [McQueen has beat Chick in a race] Yeah, I forgot to tell you Chick. The roads around here aren't like the tracks you and I are used to. They got these things called "right turns".
Chick Hicks: Right turns - who cares? Wasn't a real race anyway. Nobody saw it. You know, if a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around to be seen, does anybody see it? I mean, hear it?

Vince: You think you's the best racecar around. Well, if you want ta be the best, first you gotta beat the best.
Lightning McQueen: I take it that would be you's guys?
Vince: What, you don't believe us? You don't believe me, I will t'row down wit you right here, right now!
Barry: Throw down! Down to the ground! On the road!
[Vince slaps Barry]

[deleted scene]
Lightning McQueen: [McQueen is returning after jumping over a billboard] Well? What'd you think?
Ramone: That was, yeah, that was a pretty cool jump.
Lightning McQueen: A jump? That wasn't a jump! Didn't you see me? I flew!
Ramone: Looked like a jump to me.
Lightning McQueen: What are you talking about? When I took off, those two birds in that tree, I heard them. One said "Look, it's a flying car!"
Ramone: Uh... birds don't talk.
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, but if they could, they would say... look, I can fly.

Lightning McQueen: [to himself] Come on McQueen, you're moving like pondwater. Pondwater does not *move*.

[being passed]
Lightning McQueen: Hey! This isn't how the story goes!

Mia: There he is!
Tia: It's totally him!
Mia: Hi Lightning!
Tia: Remember us?
Lightning McQueen: Of course, are you kidding? Who could forget...
[sees Sally eyeing him]
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, you look familiar. Yeah.

Boost: [Lightning arrives at an intersection in Tailfin Pass to find the Deliquent Road Hazards blocking the road] Sorry, chief. Road's closed.
Lightning McQueen: [looks behind the group] Looks okay to me.
DJ: [with his music playing] Nah. He means it's closed to you.
Lightning McQueen: What's that? I can't hear you.
DJ: I said it's closed to you!
Lightning McQueen: Nope. Still gettin' nothing.
Wingo: [DJ shuts off his music] He said get lost, pal!
Lightning McQueen: Oh what, are you gonna slice and dice me with your spoiler?
DJ: Hey, wait a...
Lightning McQueen: Tell you what, subwoofer, three laps oughta settle this. Me, you, and your little tweeter friends. When I win, you let me pass.
[addresses Boost]
Lightning McQueen: Oh, and you can throw in one of your boost canisters. Seriously, do you really need that much boost?
Boost: [revs toward Lightning] Okay. Let's do this.

Sarge: [Lightning has just finished Sarge's Boot Camp, and is panting with exhaustion] You look overheated, Private McQueen.
[proceeds to pace back and forth in front of him]
Lightning McQueen: [panting] Yes.
Sarge: Exhausted.
Lightning McQueen: Yes.
Sarge: You'd like nothing better than a hot car wash, a cold ration of fuel, and a nice shady garage.
Lightning McQueen: [sounding greatful and relieved] Oh yes, please!
Sarge: [faces him] Well, too bad! We're going to go for a little drive!
["Sarge's Off-Road Challenge" begins]

Mater and the Ghostlight (2006) (V)
Lightning McQueen: Gosh it sure is a nice night.
Sally Carrera: It sure is a nice night.
Lightning McQueen: I sure hope Mater isn't waiting around anywhere to scare me, because I'll freak out.
[Mater jumps down and scares McQueen]
Lightning McQueen: AHHHH!

Tow Mater: [laughing] Oh, buddy! You look like you've just seen... the Ghostlight!
Sheriff: Mater! Don't mock the Ghostlight!
Lightning McQueen: What is the Ghostlight?
[silence for 10 seconds]
Sheriff: The Ghostlight is a glowing orb of blue translucent light that haunts these very parts.
Tow Mater: Nah, don't be too scared, buddy, it ain't real.
Sheriff: It is real! It all started on a night like tonight. The song dogs were wailin' at the moon of Cadillac Range while the summer wind blew hot like the breath of Zozobra. A young couple was heading down this very stretch of the mother road when they spotted an unnatural blue glow, and all that was left were two out-of-state license plates. So remember: The one thing that angers the Ghostlight more than anything else is the sound of clanking metal.
[Mater's metal body clanks and tries to keeps it from shaking]
Sheriff: As you head home tonight, keep an eye out. The Ghostlight could be anywhere. Well, good night!
Sally Carrera: Whew, I'm bushed. Good night!
All cars: Good night.
[All drive off to their homes and turn lights off]
Tow Mater: Uh, good night.
[Street and neon lights shut off]

"Mater's Tall Tales: Mater the Greater (#1.2)" (2008)
Mater: The biggest stunt that Mater the Greater ever did was jumping Carburetor Canyon.
Lightning McQueen: Jumping Carburetor Canyon? No way.
Mater: Yes way. You remember. You was there, too.
[cut to stunt about to happen; Lightning is next to Mater, also painted up like him, also with rockets on his back]
Lightning McQueen: *WHAT*?
[one of Mater's assistants puts buck teeth on Lightning's mouth]
Mater: Ready, buddy?
Lightning McQueen: *Ready*?
Mater: Alright, then, git 'er done!
[the assistant lights the rockets on Lightning's back and pushes him off the edge; Lightning goes rocketing down the ramp and starts flying across; cut back to Radiator Springs]
Lightning McQueen: Well, what happened?
Mater: [subdued] You didn't make it...

"Mater's Tall Tales: Rescue Squad Mater (#1.1)" (2008)
Lightning McQueen: Mater, you're a doctor too?
Mater: That's right, buddy. Got my MD, my PhD, my STP, and my GTO.
GTO: Hey, doctor.