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Quotes for
Monty Johnson (Character)
from Sling Blade (1996)

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Sling Blade (1996)
Monty Johnson: This ain't right, Doyle. There IS something wrong with you.
Doyle: Get the fuck out!
Monty Johnson: Nobody wants to take this SHIT, Man!

Doyle: [Doyle, Vaughan and Karl are in Doyle's truck going to get beer] Not that you two afflicted sumbitches know anything about this, you're sitting in a crew-cab duallie pickup. In some circles, this is considered a piece of automotive art.
Vaughan Cunningham: Are you sure you can drive? You've really had alot of alcohol.
Doyle: When you been drinking as long as me, Vaughan, you build up a tolerance. Here,
[hands off his beer can]
Doyle: hide that between your legs for me.
Monty Johnson: [the truck picks up speed] Hey Doyle, slow the fuck down!