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Quotes for
Robin Shelby (Character)
from The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

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The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
Robin Shelby: Why don't you shove it.
Susan Shelby: Don't you ever say that to me again.
Robin Shelby: Shove it. Shove it. Shove it.

Nonnie Parry: [Deck behind the group is flooding rapidly] How long will we stay afloat?
James Martin: Long enough
Robin Shelby: The Andrea Doria stayed afloat 10 hours before she sank.

Robin Shelby: The third engineer promised to show me the propeller shaft!

Robin Shelby: Sis? Susan!
Susan Shelby: Robin! Reverend Scott!
[Everyone looks up and sees Susan clinging to the underside of a table]
Susan Shelby: [frightened] Can you help me?
Robin Shelby: How'd you get up there, sis?
Susan Shelby: That's a stupid question!

Robin Shelby: Don't worry, Mrs. Rosen, I once helped my dad pull in a 600 pound swordfish in Hawaii.

Robin Shelby: I'm sorry Mrs. Rosen, I didn't mean it to sound like that.
Mrs. Belle Rosen: What, I miss something?
Robin Shelby: When I said I helped my dad pull in a 600 pound swordfish. I didn't mean that I thought you weighed that much.
Mrs. Belle Rosen: All that's going on and THAT'S what you're worried about?
Robin Shelby: Sure, what else?
Mrs. Belle Rosen: You're a good boy.
Robin Shelby: Tell my sister.

Terry: Susan, would you like to dance?
[Susan is staring at Reverend Scott, enraptured]
Robin Shelby: [nudging Susan] Sis!
[Susan turns around and smiles at Terry]
Terry: I was just asking... if you'd like to dance.
Susan Shelby: Yes, I'd like to.
[Susan takes her party hat off and goes to dance with Terry]