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Nurse Gina Rowe (Character)
from Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)
Nurse Gina Rowe: [about the exit the Poseidon through an underwater side door] None of us are experienced divers Captain.
Captain Mike Turner: It's our only way out. I'm going to turn you all into frogmen. No one has a choice.
[puts down 2 scuba tanks]
Captain Mike Turner: There should be 2 more Wilbur. I counted 4.
Wilbur Hubbard: One's empty. The one I'm getting is half full.
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: Who's going in the scuba?
Captain Mike Turner: Everyone.
Celeste Whitman: Last time I went to school, 3 didn't go into 8.
Larry Simpson: What you say?
Celeste Whitman: 3 doesn't go into 8.
Wilbur Hubbard: With him, it's possible.
[meaning Mike]
Captain Mike Turner: You mean Jack Custo never taught buddy breathing?
Celeste Whitman: What's buddy...?
Captain Mike Turner: That's more than one diver on a single tank. Wilbur and I have done it before so we'll use the least air.