Dylan Johns
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Dylan Johns (Character)
from Poseidon (2006)

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Poseidon (2006)
Dylan Johns: [to Richard, who has Valentine clinging to his leg as they dangle at the entrance to an elevator shaft, with an elevator above them about to fall] Shake him off!
Richard Nelson: What?
Dylan Johns: If you don't, then we both die!
Richard Nelson: [to Valentine] I'm so sorry.
[shakes him off, Valentine falls to the bottom of the elevator shaft and is impaled]

Jennifer Ramsey: [walks to poker table with Christian] We're going downstairs now.
Robert Ramsey: Ok, have fun... Hey Jen...
Jennifer Ramsey: [looks down at her cleavage] The twins? Dad...
Robert Ramsey: Just one more button.
Jennifer Ramsey: [closes a button of her shirt] Pair of 5's, huh dad?
[Jennifer walks away with Christian]
Dylan Johns: [about his poker game] All in.
Robert Ramsey: [condescendingly] I fold.

Marco Valentin: We've got a problem
Dylan Johns: [looking at a elevator door] Hey, Hey, Map, what's through here?
Marco Valentin: Yeah, that's the uh, the service elevator

Dylan Johns: Do you miss being mayor?
Robert Ramsey: Do you ever win?

Lucky Larry: You know, I forgot. Big hero. Rescued all those women and children from the fires. Got elected. Man of the people. But you're not the boss anymore. Hm? You quit. Couldn't hack it. If I recall correctly, you couldn't even hang onto your wife. Come on. Come on.
[Robert begins to stand up]
Jennifer Ramsey: Dad. Calm down. Let it go. Okay. Please?
Lucky Larry: [mocking] "Daddy, please." Come on.
Robert Ramsey: Hey, man. Hey, you got it. Knock yourself out.
Dylan Johns: It's okay. Go ahead.
Lucky Larry: [pointing to Robert and Dylan] Assholes, both of you.

Dylan Johns: [after the ship is capsized, to Robert when he asks to go to the ballroom] You suddenly have the urge to go dancing?

Dylan Johns: Does your husband...
Maggie James: oh, does that work much?
Dylan Johns: What?
Maggie James: The tentative mention of a husband I'm supposed to correct, even though you clocked my wedding finger twice already.

Conor James: [walks up to Dylan] What's ya doing?
Dylan Johns: Thinking...
[camera shows the back side of Dylan and Conor with the same pose]
Dylan Johns: And you?
Conor James: Thinking, what are YOU thinking about exactly?
Dylan Johns: Well, I figure this door is the way out. Thinking what's behind it
[Conor reaches for the door handle and Dylan stops him]
Dylan Johns: Hey, easy there fire ball. Watch
[splashes the door handle with water and hot steam burst]

Dylan Johns: Happiest time of my life is when I was broke.