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Quotes for
Mr. Larson (Character)
from Happy Gilmore (1996)

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Happy Gilmore (1996)
[Shooter McGavin has just hit the ball on Mr. Larson's foot]
Mr. Larson: That's two thus far, Shooter.
Shooter McGavin: Oh, you can count. Good for you.
Mr. Larson: And *you* can count, on *me*, waiting for *you* in the parking lot.

[Shooter has just stolen the jacket]
Mr. Larson: I believe that's Mr. Gilmore's.

Mr. Larson: [after bending Shooter's club and while he's quickly walking away] Hey Shooter, haven't you forgot your nine iron.

Mr. Larson: Trying to reach the green from here, Shooter?
Shooter McGavin: I'm afraid that's impossible, sir.
Mr. Larson: I beg to differ. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.
Shooter McGavin: Well, moron...
[turns to see Mr. Larson for the first time]
Shooter McGavin: good for Happy Gilm-OH MY GOD!