Stephanie Smith
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Stephanie Smith (Character)
from 8 Mile (2002)

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8 Mile (2002)
Stephanie: Rabbit, If you gonna live here, you have to get along wit Greg.
Jimmy Smith Jr: He started it.
Stephanie: You can't fuck this up for me baby, you just can't.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Whatever.

Stephanie: I gave 'im that nickname. When he was little he had these buck teeth and big ears and he was so cute, wike a wittle rabbit.

Stephanie: Me and Greg are having problems.
B. Rabbit: He found out about the eviction?
Stephanie: No.
B. Rabbit: The settlement check aint coming?
Stephanie: No, it's comin' it's comin'... it's our sex life.
B. Rabbit: [disgusted] Mom, I don't wanna hear this shit.
Stephanie: I mean it's good, it's real good. He just doesn't like to...
B. Rabbit: [interupting] Mom, I don't wanna hear this.
Stephanie: Greg won't go down on me.
B. Rabbit: [more disgusted] Mom!
[Shuts the bathroom door in her face]

Stephanie: What are you doing with your life THAT'S SO GREAT, Rabbit?

Stephanie: Did you mean what you said about doing that demo with Wink?
Jimmy Smith Jr: Naw... imma do it on my own.
Stephanie: You know, Rabbit? I think that's the best way.