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Kostya Novotny (Character)
from 25th Hour (2002)

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25th Hour (2002)
Kostya Novotny: [as he arrives late for the party] So how can you start this party without me?
Monty Brogan: Oh shut up, you fat Russian fuck!
Kostya Novotny: Fat UKRANIAN fuck!

Kostya Novotny: Monty, I have beautiful woman, very nice!
Monty Brogan: Yeah, well, I'm not really in the mood for that. I've got a nice girl.
Kostya Novotny: I know, I know. Tonight is a special night. Last night as free man. I pick her out special, just for you.
Monty Brogan: The last girl you picked out special for me had three teeth, all in the back!

[first lines]
Monty Brogan: Look at this. He's alive.
Kostya Novotny: This dog, how you call it? Bull pit?
Monty Brogan: No, Pit-Bull. But that's not a pit bull. I don't know, I don't know what he is. I bet he lost somebody some money though. Give me your gun.
Kostya Novotny: Shooting him?
Monty Brogan: Yeah.

Monty Brogan: [from deleted scene] Y'know, people think I was after the money... and I was in a way. I mean, let's face it, money gets you nice things. I like... Italian shoes and a fast car like anybody else, but I don't need 'em. It's not like I grew up poor. I wasn't chasing the money, I was chasing a feeling. What I hungered for... was *sway*.
Kostya Novotny: Sway... helps you make money. And money... helps you make sway. But sway is not money. *This* is sway.
Naturelle Riviera: Sway is walking into the Import Warehouse in Brooklyn... all the clothes from Europe straight off the boat, still wrapped in plastic... Gucci, Prada, YSL... You can pick out what you want... because everybody knows your boyfriend, and everyone owes him a favor.
Jakob Elinsky: Sway is walking into the best five-star restaurant in the city, without a reservation, and being seated... right away.
Frank Slaughtery: Sway? Ha ha ha. That's making a phone call in the morning, and having courtside seats, Madison Square Garden, that evening. Lakers vs. Knicks, Kobe and Shizzaq in the hizzouse!
Mary D'Annunzio: Sway is entering a club through the staff entrance, so you can skip the line, the cover charge... and the metal detector.
Monty Brogan: Sway is locking eyes with an undercover cop on the subway. You know what he is, and he knows what you are, and you *wink* at him... because he drives a battered Buick and you drive a vintage muscle car, and he can. Not. Touch. You. That, my friends, is sway.

Monty Brogan: [bows down over abused dog, which starts lashing out] Oh, shit... AH! Fuck, he's got a lot of bite left in him, huh?
Kostya Novotny: I think bull-pit is not playing with you, Monty.
Monty Brogan: Yeah, no shit.
Kostya Novotny: Come... you want police coming?
Monty Brogan: Ah, look they used him like a fucking ashtray, man... what a bunch of assholes. Let's get him in the trunk.
Kostya Novotny: What?
Monty Brogan: Yeah... there's a vet emergency room, right over here. Come on, I like this guy.
Kostya Novotny: He tries to bite your face off... he is mean! You want dog, I buy you nice puppy tomorrow.
Monty Brogan: Ah, no... what the fuck I want with a puppy, Kostya.
Kostya Novotny: Where you go, Monty? Monty, wait. What the... I not go near bull-pit, Monty. This thing is disgusting!
Monty Brogan: I told you, I told you... it's not a pit bull. He's... look at him, he's a good dog, I can see it in his eyes. He's a tough little bastard, he wasn't lying down for anybody.
Kostya Novotny: Sometimes I think you very stupid man!
Monty Brogan: Look at him... come on! If we wait much longer he's gonna be dead, alright?
Kostya Novotny: You wanted shoot him with my gun.
Monty Brogan: That was a mercy thing... he's not ready to go yet, he wants to live.
Kostya Novotny: Oh, he tell you this now?
Monty Brogan: No... but it's like a baby, OK. They all bitch and scream like that, you know... they see the doctor coming with the needle. It's good for him in the long run.
Kostya Novotny: You have no baby?
Monty Brogan: I can't talk to you, Kostya.

Monty Brogan: [puts abused dog in the trunk] I'm trying to help you, you little prick! Huh? Come on, come on... quién es más macho? Monty es más macho!
Kostya Novotny: What goes on in your little head?
Monty Brogan: Little the tricks, little the quicks... boom, bam, snap!
Kostya Novotny: Yeah... little tricks, little quicks. You're bleeding, you get bite.
Monty Brogan: Dog's blood. You gotta learn to relax a little bit... live a little.
Kostya Novotny: You have hole in neck and blood is coming out.
Monty Brogan: A little love bite for saving his raggedy ass.
Kostya Novotny: Rule number one; you can not grab half-dead animals! We have people waiting for us! People with money! You want to play this cowboy, no... dogboy, in the middle of the highway.
Monty Brogan: Dogboy? That's funny, Kotsya... you really mastered the language.
Kostya Novotny: Yes, funny... funny. You're bad luck... you bring bad luck on me. Always everything that can go wrong, go wrong. It's not just you and me anymore, when we go out... it's you and me and Doyle.
Monty Brogan: Who's Doyle?
Kostya Novotny: Doyle! Doyle's law. What?
Monty Brogan: It's Murphy.
Kostya Novotny: Who is Murphy?
Monty Brogan: Who's Murphy? Who's Doyle! It's Murphy's law... "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong"?
Kostya Novotny: Him, yes!
Monty Brogan: Yes, him.

Kostya Novotny: I pick her out special just for you.
Monty Brogan: The last girl you picked out special for me had three teeth, all in the back.
Kostya Novotny: Funny you should say that.
Monty Brogan: Why? Why is it funny I should say that?
Kostya Novotny: What you say, it was funny.
Monty Brogan: Kostya, you can't... when you...
Monty Brogan: It's an expression. If you say that...
Frank Slaughtery: It's a, uh, euphemism, right?
Monty Brogan: Can you explain this? You're the English teacher.
Jakob Elinsky: Uh...
Jakob Elinsky: I think what he means, Kostya, is that when you say, "Funny you should say that," that means that it reminds you of a funny story.
Monty Brogan: Exactly.
Kostya Novotny: No, no. It was funny what you say... "Funny you should say that."
Monty Brogan: It still makes no fucking sense. This is what I deal with.