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Janet Mathews (Character)
from 8MM (1999)

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8MM (1999)
Tom Welles: Mrs. Mathews... remember when I asked you if you'd want to know the truth about what happened to Mary Anne, no matter what that meant?
Janet Mathews: Well, yeah.
Tom Welles: Some men took her, and they killed her and buried her in the woods.
Janet Mathews: Oh my God! Oh my God!
Tom Welles: I want to hurt them. I want to punish them for what they did. Please give me your permission to punish them!

[last lines]
Janet Mathews: [voice-over] Dear Mr. Welles - thank you for writing me and telling me your real name, who you really are, and what really happened. I'm glad those men are dead, but nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart. I will try to use the money you sent for some good, after I get some help for myself. I hated you for telling me the truth, but now I realize you and I are probably the only people that ever really cared about Mary Ann. Yours truly, Janet Mathews.

Janet Mathews: [letter to Tom] And I'm glad those men are dead.