Maria Portokalos
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Maria Portokalos (Character)
from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
Maria Portokalos: Nicko! Don't play with the food! When I was your age, we didn't have food!

Maria Portokalos: Toula, on my wedding night, my mother, she said to me, "Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom."
Toula Portokalos: Eww. Please let that be the end of your speech.

Athena: I'm going to the Jewel. Listen, I'll get you some pantyhose.
Maria Portokalos: No queen size. They make me look fat.

Maria Portokalos: We must let Kosta think this was his idea.
Aunt Voula: All right, I know.
Maria Portokalos: That he came up with it.
Aunt Voula: All right.
Toula Portokalos: Ma, he's gonna figure it out.
Maria Portokalos: Don't you worry.
Aunt Voula: Okay, I know what to do you.
Maria Portokalos: You don't know what to do. You talk, talk, talk, all the time!
Aunt Voula: Do you want my help?
Maria Portokalos: Yes, I want your help!
Aunt Voula: Tell me what to say. But don't tell me what to say.
Maria Portokalos: Perfect!

Toula Portokalos: Ma, Dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. "Ah, the man is the head of the house!"
Maria Portokalos: Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.

[upon receiving a bundt cake from Mrs. Miller]
Maria Portokalos: It's a cake! I know! Thank you! Thank you very, very much.
[whispering to Aunt Freida]
Maria Portokalos: There's a hole in this cake!

Maria Portokalos: Where did you go?
Nick Portokalos: Nowhere.
Maria Portokalos: What did you do?
Nick Portokalos: Nothing.
Maria Portokalos: Who did you see?
Nick Portokalos: No one.

Maria Portokalos: [angry] What is wrong with Toula going to school downtown?
Gus Portokalos: Is drugs downtown!
Maria Portokalos: What are you saying? Are you saying Toula will get involved with drugs?
Gus Portokalos: No. But somebody will say to her: take this bag down to the bus depot, and she'll do it!
Maria Portokalos: She is not stupid! She's smart!
Gus Portokalos: I know she's smart. So what for she needs more school? She's smart enough for a girl.
Maria Portokalos: [indignated] Oh! You think you're smarter than me, huh?
Gus Portokalos: No, I... I mean... You... you know...
Maria Portokalos: [angry] What? What you mean? I run the restaurant, I cook, I clean, I wash for you *and* I raise three kids *and* I teach Sunday school, you know? It's lucky for me I have you to tie my shoes!
Gus Portokalos: Maria!
[Maria leaves the room, slamming the door, and smiles at Toula]

Maria Portokalos: Ian, are you hungry?
Ian Miller: Uh no, I already ate.
Maria Portokalos: Okay, I make you something.

Maria Portokalos: I gave you life so that you could live it.

Maria Portokalos: [Gus is brooding in the family room and Maria has turned on all the lights] ENOUGH! ENOUGH!
[He gets up to leave]
Maria Portokalos: Don't you walk away from me! Sit down! Sit down!
[He sits on the couch]
Maria Portokalos: It's done! They fell in love!
Gus Portokalos: How could she do this to me?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)
Maria: Remember, Paris, protect the poulaki - eyes open knees shut!
Aunt Voula: [to Maria] If your knees are open, shut your eyes.

Maria: Who says a woman has to be married?
Toula: You, all our lives.

Ian: Honey, by the way, we think you should go to college out of state.
Toula: Uh-huh.
Maria: What is that, reverse psychology?
[Smiles on Toula and Ian's face vanishes]
Athena: That never works.
Maria: That never works.
Paris: That never works.

Maria: Your father may be crazy, but at least I'm not a blood relative of his. YOU ARE. SORRY.

Maria: It's okay, Mrs. White.
[Mrs. White's dog barks. Portokalos dog barks back]
Mrs. White: [to Portokalos dog] Quiet! Sh-shhh! Stop! Quiet!
Maria: He doesn't speak english.
[to her dog in greek]
Maria: Bite her tomorrow.

"My Big Fat Greek Life: The Free Lunch (#1.4)" (2003)
Maria Portokalos: Nick, hurry up with that food! The man's got a gun!
[turns toward the customer, who is a police officer]
Maria Portokalos: I'm just pretending you're one of those loose cannon copss, like Burt Reynolds, may he rest in peace!
Nia Portokalos: Ma, he's still alive.
Maria Portokalos: Not really. Loni Anderson sucked the life right out of him!

"My Big Fat Greek Life: The Empire Strikes Back (#1.2)" (2003)
Maria Portokalos: Look, Gus, We started with nothing, and now we have so much. We have the house, the business...
Nia Portokalos: You have the above ground pool
Nia Portokalos: The above ground pool
Gus: You can see it when you fly from O'Hare!
Nia Portokalos: Which is why you should wear a swimsuit!