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Quotes for
Lola (Character)
from What Women Want (2000)

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What Women Want (2000)
Lola: You talk to me like a woman, you think like a woman. Nick, come on, admit it. You're totally and completely gay!

Lola: [inner thoughts as Lola and Nick start having sex] Okay, lied about the "grande"...

Lola: [inner thoughts after she and Nick have had sex] Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Marshall is a sex god!

Lola: [after she and Nick have had sex] AMAZING! Amazing! Ohhh! It was like, you were more inside me than anybody. Ever!
Nick Marshall: Well thanks, doll. I try.
Lola: No! No. I mean more inside my head! Like, you knew what I wanted and how I wanted it...
Lola: We connected in a way that was beyond... Beyond!
[starts laughing]
Lola: Oh, my heart. My heart is beating so hard.
[continues laughing]
Lola: [inner thoughts] Who would have thought? Slow starter then turns out to be a genius in bed! Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Marshall is A SEX GOD!
Nick Marshall: Oh, yeah.

Nick Marshall: [while walking to his apartment he sees Lola] Lola.
Lola: [muttering to herself] It's okay, it's okay. Okay, here he comes.
Nick Marshall: Lola?
Lola: I know I haven't heard from you.
Nick Marshall: Lola, how long have you been out here?
Lola: Just a few... hours. Nick, you said that you wouldn't hurt me, and then you slept with me, and then you didn't call me for six days, and that, in the world of me, that's torture.
[Puts her hands between her hair]
Lola: I mean, we have this, totally unbelievable, life-altering sex,
[Puts her hands down]
Lola: and
Lola: you disappear! I mean, you stopped drinking coffee!
Nick Marshall: Lola. I'm so sorry.
Lola: It's ok. It's ok, because I figured you your little secret.
Nick Marshall: You did?
Lola: It's so obvious when you think about it; how else would you know the things that you know?
Nick Marshall: It wasn't so obvious to anyone else.
Lola: Nick, come on. You're so sensitive, you're so aware of my feelings, you're so tuned in. You talk to me like a woman, you think like a woman; Nick! Come on! Admit it, you're totally and completely gay!
Nick Marshall: I am?
Lola: You're not? Oh, I mean if you're not, you gotta tell me. You gotta tell me. I mean, based on the other night, just, just put me out of my misery. Are you? Or aren't you?
[inner thoughts]
Lola: Say you're gay, then I'm not nuts, not undesirable, not rejected by another guy, just say it, say you're gay, ADMIT IT!
Nick Marshall: Ok.
Nick Marshall: I'm gay.
Lola: [shakes her head] How gay?
Nick Marshall: [groans] I'm as gay as it gets.
Lola: [pauses] You're gonna make some guy very happy someday.
Nick Marshall: [Groans again] From your lips.
Lola: Uhh. I hate that I'm crying. Well, lookit, if things should ever change in that department...
Nick Marshall: Oh, you'll be the first to know.
Lola: Promise?
Nick Marshall: I promise. Come here.

Lola: [inner thoughts] Hubba, hubba, here he comes, looking awfully good today! And I haven't had sex in 4 months... okay, 6. Ooooh, why do I attempt to stop him asking me out, I'm an idiot, idiot, IDIOT!
[speaking voice]
Lola: Hey Nick, how's it goin?
Nick Marshall: Lola, my love. I can't take "no" for an answer.
Lola: About what?
Nick Marshall: "About what."
[laughs softly]
Nick Marshall: About us.
Lola: [inner thoughts] Oh, just don't hurt me, Nick; I've been hurt too many times.
Nick Marshall: I know how hard it is to go out with someone new. I mean, there's always that fear of... well... getting hurt. At least that's how I feel inside.
Lola: Do you really?
Nick Marshall: All the time.
Lola: Me too all the time!
Nick Marshall: So, let's just take it slow, and see how it goes.
Lola: Slow is good. Slow is really good.
Nick Marshall: Yeah.
Lola: [giggles] You free tonight?