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Biography for
Miss East (Character)
from Wild Wild West (1999)

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Beautiful, seductive and pure charm, Miss Mae Lee East is the embodiment of Arliss Loveless' repressed lust. Although he cannot not have her in every sense of the word, he makes her as close to him as possible by mkitten, takes this in a positive and somewhat enthusiastic manner.

Miss East is slender, sexy and well-endowed, something unusual for Asian women. This may hint at Loveless "modifying" his women like he does his other twisted experiments. She is also adept at the art of seduction, attempting to seduce Jim West in an attempt to murder him with the help of Loveless' henchmen.

When she encounters Jim West alone in Loveless' office, she strips off her robes to reveal a tight sleeveless blouse, showing off her shapely legs and ample assets. As she saunters toward West, she engages him in sweet talk, giving him one long passionate kiss. It is obvious that she sees through his disguise, going so far as to question whether he is a "spy of some sort... who likes to poke around". Immediately after saying so, she lifts up her miniskirt to sit on the desk, showing off to the audience her slender butt and tight black thong. She caresses his cheek, and expresses sorrow at how "East and West, never the twain shall meet". She then subtly shifts her gaze to the man in the portrait behind West, who is cocking the shotgun in his hands.

However, Jim West sees through Miss East's charm and whirls out of the way in time, letting her receive a shotgun blast to the chest at point-blank range, ostensibly killing her and sending her flying onto the floor in a heap. As the camera pans out to watch Jim West exit the room, Miss East's body can be seen in the background to the left lying face-down with arms spread out, her butt fully exposed.

Miss East is not seen nor heard of again for the remainder of the film. Loveless expresses no sorrow at her death, perhaps even not acknowledging it. This shows Loveless' shallow relationship with Miss East, and how he views all his henchmen as easily disposable.

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