Mary Kelly
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Mary Kelly (Character)
from From Hell (2001)

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From Hell (2001)
[after trying to kiss Abberline and he refuses]
Mary Kelly: What? You think I was paying you back? I didn't mean it as business. I'm still a woman, they haven't taken that away from me, not yet anyways!
[Abberline proceeds to shove her against the wall and kiss her passionately]

Mary Kelly: What's wrong? You think I was born a whore? Oh that's right, England doesn't have whores, just a great mass of very unlucky women.

Mary Kelly: We were starving. But we were starving in fresh air.

Ada: Look, I bring everything for supper!
Mary Kelly: [snatches an envelope full of money] You little thief! I need this money!
Ada: I only take some money to buy food. For me and for you. Was that bad, Marie?
Mary Kelly: It's fine, dear. But until I go away, it's not safe for you to go out by yourself.
Ada: [caresses Mary's face] I stay with Marie, beautiful Marie.
Mary Kelly: It's alright, darling. You don't have to pay for your food.
Ada: Pardon?

Liz Stride: [Arrives in pub with Ada] Ah 'ere you are, 'ello girls.
Mary Kelly: I told you to wait for me.
Liz Stride: I can't stay in a pub and not 'ave a drink: that's cruel.