Inspector Frederick Abberline
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Inspector Frederick Abberline (Character)
from From Hell (2001)

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From Hell (2001)
Sir William Gull: One day men will look back and say that I gave birth to the twentieth century.
Abberline: You're not going to see the twentieth century.

Abberline: Why?
Sir Charles Warren: Are you questioning my decision?
Abberline: No, sir, I just simply want to know why.

Abberline: Sergeant? It's night.
Peter Godley: Your observations are correct. It is indeed night.
[turns to two constables]
Peter Godley: And gentlemen, unless you wish to be free of the confines of your duties, this never happened.

Abberline: I want every veterinarian, butcher, furrier in the district interviewed.
Constable Withers: Furrier? What he do, sir? Skin her?
Abberline: He disemboweled her. Removed her stomach, intestines...

Abberline: And Withers, for your information... the star of David has six points.

Sir Charles Warren: My God. He's out of his mind.
Abberline: That's very astute of you sir.

Sir Charles Warren: It's over with, It's done. You have my word.
Abberline: Fuck your word! I will bring down every one of you fucking cunts!

Abberline: This ain't killin' for profit. This is ritual.

[Johnny Depp's first lines]
[Sergeant Godley slaps Abberline to wake him up]
Abberline: Hello, darling.

Victoria Abberline: [as they make love] I have wonderful news.
Abberline: Tell me.
Victoria Abberline: Surely you, of all people, can guess.
Abberline: I don't want to guess with you.
Victoria Abberline: Dr.Marbury says...
Abberline: Dr.Marbury says?
Victoria Abberline: Dr.Marbury says I'm going to have your child.
[Abberline smiles and kisses Victoria]

Abberline: [about Polly's murder] I'm waiting for the police surgeon's report for more details.
Sir Charles Warren: [sits at his desk while smoking a cigarette] I see. Well, one thing's for certain; an Englishman didn't do it.
[Warren pulls up a newspaper clipping of American Natives]
Sir Charles Warren: Maybe one of these Red Indians wandered into Whitechapel and indulged his natural inclinations.
[Abberline looks doubtfully at the drawing]
Abberline: With all due respect, sir, I believe this was done by someone with at least a working knowledge of dissection. An educated man, such as a doctor...
Sir Charles Warren: [quickly interjects] An educated man? That's preposterous! No well-bred man would do this!
Sir Charles Warren: Probably a tradesman or a butcher...
Abberline: [nods] A tradesman is a possibility, sir, yes...
Abberline: But there's a strong indication against it. There was a sprig of grapes under her body.
Sir Charles Warren: What are you driving at?
Abberline: No one in Whitechapel, no matter what their trade, could afford grapes. Obviously, they were given to her by the killer. It follows that he must be someone with money.

The Wolfman (2010)
Det. Aberline: [after The Wolfman's rampage in London] God help us.

Det. Aberline: [to a police officer while running trying to catch the Wolfman] I don't suppose we have any silver bullets?

Lawrence Talbot: I get your implication, and resent it. You're clearly aware of my personal history, as I believe I'm aware of yours. Weren't you in charge of the ripper case a couple of years back?
Det. Aberline: You're a direct man. So I'll be equally direct with you. I am not your enemy, Mr. Talbot. You've been seen as Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, all with that same face. A prudent man would ask who else might be living inside that head of yours?

[Aberline sits down at a table in the pub and opens a newspaper. Mrs. Kirk walks up to him]
Det. Aberline: A pint of bitter, please.
[She only stares at him. He looks up from his paper, stares back, and tips his hat towards her]
Det. Aberline: Mrs. Kirk.
Mrs. Kirk: Why aren't you out with MacQueen, trying to catch that thing what killed my husband?
Det. Aberline: As I don't know where the lunatic will strike, it seems the practical thing to do is to stay as near as possible to the potential victims.
[a man nearby spits out his drink and begins coughing]
Det. Aberline: And seeing that 214 of the 309 residents of Blackmoor and its environs live within, what, 500 yards of this tavern, I was planning to spend the evening here.
Mrs. Kirk: Not Talbot Hall?
Det. Aberline: Why would you say that?
Mrs. Kirk: They're cursed. All of them.
Det. Aberline: Unfortunately, "cursed" does not give me a warrant to wander about Sir John's estate at night. Rules, Mrs. Kirk. They're all that keep us from a dog-eat-dog world, you know. Pint of bitter. please.

"Ripper Street: Our Betrayal: Part 2 (#2.8)" (2013)
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: Say, imagine, we might, you and I, walk into a chophouse on the Commercial Road, and, in that chophouse, we lay our hands upon the shoulder of the man the world made, the Ripper, know him unequivocally for that killer. What would we do?
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: There is what I would like to do, and there is what I am permitted to do.
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: And so instead of pinioning his head to the wall through his eyeball, we, we would show him our irons, then go about the process of proof.
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: We would. I would!
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: Evil men do as they please. Men who would be good, they must do as they are allowed.

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: [asking a hypothetical question about catching the Ripper] What would we do?
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: There is what I would like to do, and there is what I am permitted to do.

"Ripper Street: I Need Light (#1.1)" (2012)
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: Edmund, this last year, that lunatic will ever bind me to you but you ask too much. He lives still, he breathes this air still. These streets demand your vigilance.
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: No. We did everything in our power, used every instrument allowed to us, some that were not. All that we can hope for now is that he is gone and stays gone. He will own my life no more.

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: We only have these pictures, we have no name.
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: [takes one of the pictures] His name is Sir Arthur Donaldson.
[the police scramble outside]
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: Summer '86. Before your time here. He got his cock out at a church picnic in Victoria Park. Week or so later, he tore the blouse off a pregnant woman on the Stepney Omnibus. We charged him, but... man from such a family as like to do jug as Victoria herself. The address is all we ever had for him.
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: Thank you, Fred.
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline: Go.
[Reid hastens to join his men]

"Ripper Street: Dynamite and a Woman (#2.4)" (2013)
Ch. Insp. Fred Abberline: [to IRB man he's beating and forcing to talk] I know when an Iriaher feeds horse shit.

"Ripper Street: Our Betrayal: Part 1 (#2.7)" (2013)
Ch. Insp. Fred Abberline: You are to get your head from your arse and get about your work once more.